Why Isn’t the IRS Investigating the Clinton Foundation?

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – Hillary and Bill Clinton are asking for a third term in the White House, and voters who want to know what this portends should examine the 12-page memo written by a Clinton insider that was hacked and published Wednesday by WikiLeaks. This is the cold, hard reality of the Clinton political-business model.

Bill Kristol: Trump and George W. Bush were too compassionate

The implosion of the Republican party this election season has prompted Weekly Standard editor William Kristol to do some soul-searching about the future of the conservative movement. Conveniently, this soul-searching leads him squarely back to the idea that conservatives should double down on “limited government” that’s less compassionate towards poor, working and middle-class people.

THOUSANDS of Muslims Invade This Famous European Landmark

Of all battles to politicize, ISIS constantly evokes imagery of the Crusades. In one of their propaganda videos titled “See You In Dabiq,” ISIS militants are depicted fighting “crusaders” in Rome. According to Heavy.com, the film’s dialogue (which is all in Arabic) makes claims that the “Dabiq [ISIS] Army” will race into Rome, destroy crucifixes, and enslave Christian… Read More »

Baltimore Firm Has Scary Record Of Predicting World Events…

Baltimore Firm Has Scary Record Of Predicting World Events…   40 years ago, three men – a DC lobbyist, an Oxford scholar, and the former head of England’s BBC – came to Baltimore to form a strange kind of news company: one that wouldn’t actually report the news at all. Instead, they would employ analysts, former politicians, retired… Read More »