Author Blows The Lid On How Foreign Interests Buy Influence In Washington

The accusations have been flying around for years that foreigners have been buying influence in Washington for their own purposes. I’m not talking about immigrants to the U.S. who want a better life for their family. I’m talking about foreign interests who want the U.S. government to do their bidding for their own personal profit. Finally, someone has… Read More »

Black Leader Destroys Black Lives Matter Propaganda In 23 Words

The Black Lives Matter movement has been controversial from day one. Supporters of the movement would say it’s controversial because of white oppression and police profiling of African-Americans. Opponents of the movement would say the movement is controversial because it polarizes people racially and is too often used as an excuse to riot and loot. The fact of… Read More »

Have Your Seen This Infuriating Way Democrats Are Twisting Pro-Life Thinking To Push Their Agenda?

I know many, many people who are pro-life in their views on abortion. These people care deeply about an issue that they view as a argument about murder before it even becomes a discussion about privacy rights. These same people (contrary to a common liberal accusation) also care greatly about the life situations in which disadvantaged children grow up.… Read More »

Discrimination in The 2016 Election: The Disgusting Truth You Haven’t Heard About

Discrimination is a word that gets bandied about by liberals a lot these days. They use it like a bludgeon against people who don’t see the world the way that liberals would like for it to be. Certainly, sometimes this verbal bludgeon is justified. To discriminate against someone because of their DNA (racial discrimination) is wrong (though I… Read More »