Breaking: Sexual Allegations About The Next US President

| January 12, 2017

Donald Trump wanted the American people to focus on Bill Clinton’s sex scandals during the 2016 presidential campaign. He brought it up before, after and during debates, he mentioned it at campaign stops and he even brought together women who accused Clinton of sexual assault for a Facebook Live event.

But when it comes to rumors about torrid sexual activities, Trump himself isn’t in the clear. And questions about Trump’s sex life could become a lot more pointed after BuzzFeed News published Tuesday night unverified documents that allege Trump was compromised by Russian officials who spied on him as he enjoyed kinky romps with foreign prostitutes. In light of the report, here are five sex allegations that next president of the United States will have to face down.

1. Trump enjoyed watching prostitutes perform “golden showers” in his fancy Moscow hotel room, according to “classified documents… [that] included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump,” CNN reported Tuesday. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, denied the sex allegations, telling Mic, “Somebody is having a lot of fun at your expense. It’s so ridiculous on so many levels. Clearly the person who created this did so from their imagination or did so hoping that the liberal media would run with this fake story for whatever rationale they might have.”

2. Trump allegedly raped a child. A woman filed a lawsuit last year that claimed Trump raped her years ago when she was a 13-year-old model. “It is categorically untrue. It is completely frivolous. It is baseless. It is irresponsible,” Trump attorney Alan Garten told POLITICO in September. “I won’t even discuss the merits because it gives it credibility that it doesn’t deserve.”


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    since clinton has brought this country down to its knees morally. this stuff about trump and his possible sex escapades, really don’t mean anything to the american public. liberals are spinning their wheels and it is hilarious because nothing is sticking to trump!

    • The Redman

      It “don’t mean anything to hater white-folks” is what U should B saying. trump-ah-hump U 2 death, and den lie about it. U’ll C, like the other 98%.

      • Sandy devine

        Hey red man, seen your dirty arse before, many times before… go find another spot to owe in!

        • The Redman

          I bet at yo house on holidays yall have dem lice picking contest, huh. handy-devine. hahahhaahahahaahah

        • shavager

          Sandy–IF ya’ll ignore this “Redman”, the reprobate will probably go away. He’s some Obama lover, sitting at home, collecting benefits WE pay for while he’s spouting Obama pablum over the ‘net just to create some havoc. He has very little intelligence to offer for debate or conversation. THIS is all he does constantly. He’s probably Obama policy czar Cass Sunstein in disguise–Sunstein advocates radicals disrupting conservative sites and conversations.

      • CALVIN

        what kind of school did you go to? its really hard to understand what you are saying! curious if you have a job or not! i sure the hell wouldn’t hire somebody that talks like this or spell. i hope its not to late for you to get an education and be someone!

        • The Redman

          Y R U trolling me, alvin. hahahahahahahha. U idiot, what R U looking 4. R U jes another nosey pinkie. hahahhaahahhahah. R A patrol-troll. hahahahhahahaah

          • CALVIN

            i am not really looking for anything! your reply showed up om email and since i thought, to be honest, you must be a dipshit! sort of feel sorry that you don’t know how to write or speak! alot of democrats are in that dipshit and uneducated condition!

          • The Redman

            Most inbreeds who were raped at home by their no good pappies have yo mindset. hahahahahahahaha. alvin

  • dcwc16

    I’s say just because this is the “tea party bulletin” that it is awful close to Buzz Feed in character and accuracy. Seems the Buzz feed Article has been verified false yet this writer is putting it forth like it was factual. and Trump is bad. I’d say we have a fake conservative site here.

    • Crapola

      At least fake when it comes to Trump. Earlier, I said these guys are mad cause Ted Cruze didn’t win. He was their man. They must be Trump haters so any bad news about Trump is good for them, true or not. Even NY Times wouldn’t put this out and they are super left wing. Too bad these guys showed they have no ethics. I will no longer read their emails.

      • Elizabeth Propst

        That could very well be the case. And just as they are attempting to smear Trump, they are tacitly giving support for the establishment regime that has been in for decades, which proves that thes so-called “evangelicals” that can’t get over Cruz’s loss also are doing the same destruction within the church (eg.: ‘Save Israel’ based on false, unscriptural doctrine: dispensationalism, zionism, etc., all from false ‘evangelical’ pulpits), trying to mislead Americans as to what it means to be ‘Christian’. As Trump pointed out, it is not Christian to hold the a bible up in one hand, lay it down, and then start lying in the next breath (“Lying Ted”). These are shams and not Christians. Read God’s Word and discern the spirit within the voices. Trump is more trustworthy than Ted has demonstrated.

    • Elizabeth Propst

      My thoughts exactly. I have been noticing that this TEAPARTYBULLETIN has been a fraud and heavily Leftist leaning, probably operated by infiltrators disguising as TEA PARTY when they probably don’t even know where the term originally came from. As the outgoing establishment ramps up, we’re going to see a lot more of Satan’s followers trying to deceive Americans.

  • savetheusa2

    Stop reporting allegations you can’t verify. Are you Buzzfeeds sister?

    • The Redman

      white-folks ruined america. it way 2 late ta “savetheusa2”. hahahahahahahhhah

    • Crapola

      Thanks, savetheusa2. That was just what I was thinking.

    • 4grands

      buzzfeed… that short for buzzards? Black and noisy birds? Fly around Looking for trash on the road!

  • Fred Joy

    Thiis guy has the makings of a great president. I disliked his comments about Carly, but on balance, when the true Clinton truths emerge, he will fare well. JFK was a great, flawed man. But, he “got it.”

    • The Redman

      Yep. got killed by white-folks.

  • Henry J. Gilbertson

    The tea party is be comming fake news

    • Freedom Rules

      No Its Not The Tea Party, It Is Liberals Setting Up FAKE News Sites And Filling Them With Lies About Trump Or Another Conservative.. I Was Warned About This A While Back.. About The Left Using FAKE Conservative Site For Their Propaganda.. They Want Your Vote They Want Us To Stop Supporting POTUS TRUMP, Don’t Fall For It !! They Are Already Gearing Up For 2020, Soros Is The One Doing This, He Is Paying For A lot Of Sites, BUZZFEED Is Another..

  • The Redman

    trump-ah-hump america in 2 ruins, and den lie all the way 2 wall street. hahahahahahaha

    • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

      It appears the ONLY thing Redman is capable of is insults and his INSANE laugh.

      • The Redman

        Like yo pink head boy trump-ah-hump, huh. hahhahahahaha

  • Crapola

    What a bunch of BS. This outfit is just pissed because their candidate didn’t win. Probably where the ‘never trump’ people belong. I’m canceling everything to do with this cheap shot outfit.

    • Sandy devine

      Right on crapola!!!

  • Fred Joy

    Indeed he did, Red Man. Very nasty, smart, powerful, arrogant ones, whose rule he threatened. These, in my view, have been thwarted by this rogue, Trump. I wish him safety, for all our sake – – but for the “Ilumuated” dark souls.

  • Robert Lee

    Fake Liberal News..

  • Freedom Rules

    This Is “FAKE” Tea Party Bulletin Is A Liberal Rag, The Communist Liberal Organizations Have Infiltrated Conservative Looking News Sites, What They Do Is They Set Up A Website And Use Conservative Names.. I Already Have Been Warned About This.. Please Be Careful On The Online News Organizations You Sign Up For.. This Is The Leftist Tactics To Get Us To Sign Up Then Spread Lies About Trump Or Another Conservative So We Believe The Lie And Not Support Our POTUS, The Loony Left Is Already Gearing Up For 2020.. Please Do Not Believe Everything You Read..

  • momo

    It doesn’t matter what Trump said on a bus 11 years ago or anything he did just short of breaking any laws. He is not breaking the public trust. Hillary did break the Public Trust and was in charge of our money.
    All those who say Trump is not my President, I think that you better go find your President. When you do, please let the rest of us know. No one is listening any more. The sh#t ain’t sticking on the wall.

  • gomurr

    Do some fact checking before you print what others have written. You’re as bad as the MSM.

  • Original Anna

    Yes, this story is fake, paid for by anti Trump republicans and the democrats. McCain was even involved passing the lies to our FBI. How sweet of McCain. This fabrication of lies has to have some law against it so McCain can be arrested.

  • Scott Stevens

    Fkn sick Alligations after Donald J Trump shut down the other false alligations , get a got damn life u sick postin fake bs news !

  • Scott Stevens

    An u notice none these sick fks got pics but run they got damn mouth , i see 2 people with pics me as a Native American an dcw16 ! That’s real shit !

    • The Redman

      white-folks, huh. who can trust em. haaahahhahahahaaa

  • Herb Onash

    Leave the guy alone you LOOSERS .

  • Peter Morey

    Show us real proof not allegations .Just another half/ass attempt to try and discredit Trump. Where were you when Obama dial his stupid race remarks and apologies all over the world . You all just layed back and joyfully allowed that trash to go unchallenged . .Just made this rag on my black list.

    • Lizfan

      Forget Obama, where were they when Bill Clinton was abusing interns. Unlike Trump, Bill Clinton is an actual sex offender who was protected from prosecution by Hilary. There were several women who came forward & told their stories of how Bill Clinton raped them. It boggles my mind that the mainstream media is so determined to protect democrat sex offenders.

      • 4grands

        He was nothing compared to his wife…..she went around killing and protecting bill from the gals he raped. Bad news people.

        • Lizfan

          Yeah I know. Anything for power.

      • Son Shine

        Amen!! Interesting how evil forgets evil.

        • Lizfan

          Apparently in the eyes of those on the left it’s ok if a liberal democrat abuses people. If it’s a Republican doing it then he/she should be killed.

          • Son Shine

            God says He gives them over to their reprobate minds. Reprobate means right is wrong and wrong is right. On Earth it’s Good (God), evil (Satan) and we choose who we follow. When we take our last breath on earth, we will be in Heaven (God) or Hell (Satan)! We cannot change our ways after last breath. God says, Broad is the way to destruction and Narrow is the way to Heaven. We never know when we take that last breath, so always be prepared for it. IJNA

  • Ah nutz

    you guys are just about to be deleted for good = I’m thinking that Tea Party has become a career $ for some = not so important to us anymore – anyway.?????

  • joe moore

    you keep printing this kind of leftist bullshit and you will lose all credibility and your readers.get your act togther i thought you had the best interests of heart for this website.also start gettng rid of the trolls like redman. if you don’t straighten out your act soon then i for one will boycott this wbsite.

  • ironbiker


  • wiscmama

    It’s disgusting that you would report unsubstantiated allegations and rumors. “It gives it credibility that it doesn’t deserve.” This is the kind of garbage I expect from liberal media. It isn’t worth my time to read it. I’m unsubscribing.

  • WVF

    Even if all this is true about Mr. Trump, what a guy! He’s a man’s man, and women seem to find him rich and attractive! Great combination! Onward, Mr. Trump!

  • Ron C

    The tea party needs to catch up…that dossier has already been proven fake…

  • Eddie

    This isn’t news – Everyone already knows that Trump has an eye (and something else) for the ladies. That comes with the money – Melania don’t mind, she’s got the prize. I’ve never figured out the fascination with a politician or celebrity sex life – it’s their business not anyone’s else,s.

    • homegirl

      “It’s their business not anyone else’s.” Unless its Bill Clinton or a Democrat.