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Why Obama Is Still the Head of the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton wandered off into the woods after her devastating defeat last November. Sen. Bernie Sanders went back to being a tiny shrill voice in the Senate, where he’ll rarely be heard again. And the Democratic Party has few bright, young rising stars in its ranks (no, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 67, does not count as one).

The Perils of Calling Trump a Liar

When Richard Nixon was president, most journalists knew he was a thoroughly dishonest man. Early in his first term he had declared war on them—famously in two high-profile speeches delivered by his pit-bull vice president, Spiro T. Agnew—and he spied on many with illegal wiretaps authorized by his national security adviser Henry Kissinger. When reporters crossed him, he… Read More »

Trump calls for ‘major investigation’ into election

President Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote in resounding fashion and is, as of today, the duly elected president of the United States. Most other politicians would be content with this result in a presidential election, but Trump is not most politicians. It clearly sticks in his craw that he lost the popular vote by about 2… Read More »

Mattis: ‘The Capital of Israel is Tel Aviv’

The Times of Israel reports: WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to head the Pentagon said Thursday that the United States should continue treating Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, breaking with Republican members of Congress and intimations the incoming president could fulfill his campaign pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Jail time for leaked intel on Trump?

Unverified information featured in an intelligence dossier that was leaked to the press made the rounds in the news cycle, mainly in the form of Buzzfeed who released the documents in full with few redactions, and many highlights. The claims made in the dossier were denounced by Trump, who now says he believes it was a cyberattack by Russia.