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Get Ready For This Political Sucker Punch To The American People

One of the standard campaign planks that Republicans run on is the idea of less government: less government intervention in our lives, less government waste, less government period. It’s been a successful campaign promise that a few Republicans have actually worked to uphold while in office. Unfortunately, though, we are now dealing with a breed of Republican in… Read More »

Democrats Now Trying to Make This a “Thought Crime” to Suppress Opposing Viewpoints

We’ve stated many times on this website how much we disagree with Al Gore on many subjects. If he would just actually use science to prove man-made climate change, then we’d even be open to listen to his babble and claptrap. But, apparently, Democrats are so out of touch with reality that they just sent Al his ideal… Read More »

Mainstream Media Isn’t Talking About Who Ran This ‘White-Collar Crime Spree’

White collar crime is the type of crime that steals without holding a gun to someone’s head, that finds “creative” ways to force people to part with their hard-earned funds. Too often, considering how our money is used, it’s exactly the kind of thing that the government does. So, who allegedly pulled off this “white-collar crime spree” isn’t… Read More »

The IRS Targeted 426 Companies – 60 of Them Had This One Word in Their Name

The IRS audit scandal, much to the irritation of liberals, just won’t go away. And there’s good reason why it won’t go away. It was absolute political bias and harassment at its worst. Why do I say that? Well, think about it. When one out of every seven groups that were targeted contained the word “tea,” (no, I’m not kidding)… Read More »

If Environmentalists Really Wanted To Help The Earth, They Would Do This

Environmentalists say that they want to help protect the earth, that they want an ecosystem that can survive to provide a place to live for our children and grandchildren. And that is an understandable and commendable goal. But they just don’t get it. What do I mean? I mean that the ways that environmentalists insist is the way to… Read More »

Liberals Seriously Want Us To Pay For This Now, Too?

I don’t know what your position is on illegal immigration, but it’s obviously one of the most controversial subjects being debated today. Whatever your position on the issue, there is no question that there are a large number of people who have broken the current laws by being in the United States without going through the legal immigration procedures,… Read More »