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Trump Should Deny White House Access to These Publications

Fox News host Sean Hannity indicated Monday that he believes President-elect Donald Trump should deny White House credentials to media outlets that have been critical of Trump. Hannity, a staunch Trump supporter throughout the campaign, retweeted a tweet declaring Trump should deny credentials to CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times and others because of their correspondence… Read More »

Real Life Truth Bomb: How Environmentalists Screw-Up The Environment

Environmentalists often talk about how people can damage the environment. They talk about the dangers people pose to a pristine world that is finely balanced in every way. In some ways they are right, but it’s not because the normal actions of people are causing the danger.It’s because of that nasty thing called “unintended consequences” that busybodies like… Read More »

Should You Sign The Petition To Hit Obama Where It Hurts?

Petitions are becoming particularly popular these days with the internet making it easy for people to sign petitions and express their opinions on a variety of subjects. As you would expect, some petitions are simply ridiculous, and some petitions are examples of smart, solid thinking. And some petitions hit a nerve. An example of this last type is… Read More »

How Democrats Win Elections

How liberals win elections has confounded conservative voters for years. Some have speculated that liberal voters are “low information voters.” Some speculate that these voters are bought off by promises of handouts. Still others are kinder in their viewpoint and believe that liberal voters simply have a different belief in how the world works. But, then, you have… Read More »

Is This The Real Reason The New York Times Attacked Trump?

Tracking down the real movers and shakers in this election is reaching the same level of deceit and cat-and-mouse-games as international espionage in a James Bond movie. One example is the Black Lives Matter “protesters” and other “protesters” who are actually on the payroll of left-wing billionaire George Soros (you didn’t hear about that in the mainstream media, did… Read More »