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You’ll Laugh Out Loud When You Read This Latest “Accomplishment” By California Liberals

Liberals have a continuous, disconcerting habit of proposing policies with very short-term thinking behind them. In other words, liberals rarely, if ever, think beyond the immediate effect to the long-term results of their policies. Some would say that if liberals did think ahead, then they wouldn’t be liberals. To drive home this point, here is a recent story… Read More »

You Won’t Believe The Ridiculous Reason That This International Group Wants To Monitor U.S. Elections

More and more people are calling for monitoring of U.S. elections. After all, this has already been a highly contentious election season, and it looks like it is only going to get worse. Having fair elections in which election laws are abided by and no voter fraud occurs is vitally important this year. With that in mind, maybe… Read More »

You Won’t Believe The Infuriating New Way That This Billionaire Is Trying To Manipulate Elections

Some people with money have their heads screwed on straight. Other people, once they have money, seem to feel that they are God and that they have a right or responsibility to remake the world in their own image. One of those people seems to be George Soros. In case you are unfamiliar with Soros, he is a… Read More »

Bizarre: New Mexico Teachers No Longer Have Any Idea What To Call Students

Back when I was a kid, how you described people was pretty clear cut: they were students or not students. They were Caucasion, or African-American, or of Asian decent, or another ethnic background or combination of backgrounds. There was no confusion, though, that a person was who they were, and every designation was acceptable (at least to us,… Read More »

The Uncomfortable Truth About Who Is Really More Popular In This Election

Both major parties desperately want you to think that their candidate is the more popular, the more electable person. Why? Because, frankly, people tend to want to be on the winning side of a conflict, and these major parties think that swing voters who think that their candidate is winning will vote for them just to be on… Read More »

You Will Be Heartbroken By What Liberalism Does To Women And Children

Let’s not sugarcoat the facts: Political liberalism, as the term is used today, is simply a stepping stool towards a purely socialist economy and society. Not everyone realizes this, but hardcore (read: honest enough to admit that they really are socialists) socialists make no bones about this. So, with that in mind, if we really want to understand… Read More »

Have Your Seen This Infuriating Way Democrats Are Twisting Pro-Life Thinking To Push Their Agenda?

I know many, many people who are pro-life in their views on abortion. These people care deeply about an issue that they view as a argument about murder before it even becomes a discussion about privacy rights. These same people (contrary to a common liberal accusation) also care greatly about the life situations in which disadvantaged children grow up.… Read More »