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Student Who Demands Free College Gets Totally Embarrassed on Fox News

It used to be that education was for the purpose of enabling someone to become an effective adult in the marketplace and also a well-rounded individual. I emphasize the phrase “used to be” because it’s apparent from this interview that this is no longer what is happening. Keely Mullen, a leader of a movement demanding free education, better paying… Read More »

Try Not to Freak Out When You See the New Tax Obama is Proposing

When a loved one passes away, dealing with financial obligations is the last thing that you want to think about. The funeral, the burial plot and headstone, the mortgage, left over medical bills, taxes. I mean, isn’t it offensive enough when we lose a parent that we’ve lost that person that we love? Apparently, Obama doesn’t think so.… Read More »

The Ugly Truth About Liberal “Generosity”

You know that “liberalism” has a problem when liberals are calling out other liberals about how generous they really are. In this opinion piece from The New York Times titled “Bleading Heart Tightwads,” self-professed political liberal Nicholas Kristof castigates his fellow liberals about their giving habits, both of time and money while reviewing the book Who Really Cares… Read More »