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What This Key Player Means By “Conservative” Should Really Concern You

This election season seems to be more about keeping the wrong people out of the Oval Office than about putting the right person into the office. Certainly, for many Republicans, this seems to be the case, and they are voting more to keep Hillary out than to put Trump in. Regardless of whether you are voting Republican because you like Trump… Read More »

Former Speaker of the House Goes On Ludicrous Witch Hunt

Well, this is something that you don’t hear everyday: a former Speaker of the House of Representatives uses language from the Spanish Inquisition or from the Salem witch trials to describe someone that he simply doesn’t like. Don’t they teach basic diplomacy in Congress anymore? John Boehner, talking about Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, called Cruz “Lucifer in… Read More »

Infuriating New Rules That Congress Play By Will Make You Want To Throw Something

Once upon a time, maybe Congress played by the same rules as the people. But, then, something began to change. People in Congress realized that they could give themselves benefits that nobody else had access to. Over time, that came to include the “right” to bounce personal checks at will, have healthcare for life, and have an extravagant… Read More »

Rand Paul Calls Out Congress For Cowardice On This Issue

Rand Paul may have suspended his 2016 Presidential campaign, but he hasn’t stopped getting into the thick of things and stirring things up. Yesterday, he published an article on calling out Congress on their lack of oversight of the Executive Brand and their willingness to give their power to the President. (hat tip to here for the… Read More »

Largest Tea Party Group In America Bucks Trend When Announcing Who They Are Endorsing

Trends sometimes seem impossible to oppose. They can grow and become seemingly overwhelming, and people sometimes simply sigh and give in to what they consider the inevitable. Other times, though, something will surprise you. Take this, for example, the largest Tea Party group in America is the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. No doubt many people assumed that… Read More »