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RNC is Panicked with Trump and Carson in the Lead – Guess Which “Has Been” They Want to Run Now?

Sometimes desperation stinks. Literally. And, believe me, the smell from this one is reaching me clear across the country from it’s source. What’s the deal? Well, the establishment in the Republican National Committee (RNC), who are centrists, in case you didn’t know, are running scared because outsiders like Trump and Carson are leading the polls over other Republican… Read More »

This Newly Elected Woman Shatters All Tea Party Stereotypes

I love posting things that just destroy Al Sharpton’s race baiting narrative and liberals’ gender-bias narrative. You know, the one that says, “Tea Partiers are racists!” and “The only reason people don’t vote Democrat is because they are racist or sexist!” and “Tea Partiers hate women!” and “Tea Partiers are white southern male bigots!” Well, here is a… Read More »

Marco Rubio Says Two Things Every Voter Has Been Thinking For Years

Marco Rubio finally said it. Which is good. Someone needed to, and it’s been a long time coming. He said the establishment leadership is clueless about their constituents and that Jeb Bush needs to go. When on the Sean Hannity show recently, Rubio said, “[B]oth the Republican party and the broader federal government is completely out of touch… Read More »

He’s Not Even a Member of Congress – Yet They Want Him to Be Speaker of the House

Now that John Boehner has put in his resignation from Congress, the House of Representatives will need to get down to the dirty work of selecting a new Speaker of the House. What many people don’t know is the specific rules around what qualifies a person to be Speaker of the House. Essentially, the qualifications are the same… Read More »

If Boehner Caves on Either of These 2 Issues, Guess What House Republicans Are Going to Do?

John Boehner drives me up the wall. To be fair, I don’t know the man on a personal level, but his policies and his politicking make me want to throw up. So, it’s nice to hear when he may get his comeuppance. It seems that many Republicans in Congress have had it with centrist Boehner’s ways, too, and… Read More »