Ex-Spy Reveals Truth About Trump Dossier

| April 27, 2017

In a court filing this week, Christopher Steele — the former British spy who assembled the infamous “Trump dossier” published by BuzzFeed in January — confirmed parts of it were completely unverified and blamed the BuzzFeed website for publishing the document.

According to The Washington Times, Steele said in the filing that at least one of the charges in the dossier, which involved a tech company CEO hacking the Democrat Party, wasn’t backed up by evidence.

His defense was that the document should have never been published by BuzzFeed and that he followed proper protocol by showing the document to the staff of Sen. John McCain and alerting the government to the information he had collected.

The filings were part of a defamation lawsuit by Alexander Gubarev, CEO of Luxembourg-based XBT Holdings, who was accused in the dossier of having hacked the Democrats. The filing, made in a London court, called the charges against Gubarev “unsolicited intelligence” and “raw intelligence” which “needed to be analyzed and further investigated/verified.”

Steele, instead, passed the blame onto Fusion GPS, the Democrat-connected opposition research firm that hired him.

“The defendants did not provide any of the pre-election memoranda to media organizations or journalists. Nor did they authorize anyone to do so,” Steele said in a statement made through his attorney. “Nor did they provide the confidential December memorandum to media organizations or journalists. Nor did they authorize anyone to do so.”

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source: http://conservativetribune.com/fake-trump-dossier-media/

  • onefour

    He says that now after the damage has been done. People will have read the first article but not the second so they will go on believing the first one. Good going Christopher Steele

    • The Redman

      Crooked white-folks work like dat. hahahahahahhaha. only “1/4” of the white-folks in the world can B trusted. hahahhahahahahahahah

  • The Redman

    white-folks have ruin the world.

  • kassa1

    Don’t anyone reply to this idiot because he the red man, is nothing but a psychopath looking to stir shit with anyone. I believe he is mentally deranged and should be locked up with the rest of the Democrat party.

  • DonRS

    Of course, BuzzFeed would have had nothing to publish, had this fool not compliled (made up?) the “dossier”!

  • Big John

    Looks like President Trump was right AGAIN!
    Silly democrats.
    If a liberal media outlet reported Bigfoot urine was the fountain of youth, you could sell the democrats tankers full of it.