Former Speaker of the House Goes On Ludicrous Witch Hunt

| April 29, 2016

Well, this is something that you don’t hear everyday: a former Speaker of the House of Representatives uses language from the Spanish Inquisition or from the Salem witch trials to describe someone that he simply doesn’t like.

Don’t they teach basic diplomacy in Congress anymore?

John Boehner, talking about Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh” and also said,


“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b—- in my life.”

Of course, Boehner said that he’s “texting buddies” with Donald Trump and that he is friends with Dennis Kasich.

So, let me get this straight: If a candidate actually campaigns on a platform of getting the Federal government under control instead of letting it run rampant like it has for most of this century, then they are “evil.” But if candidates are centrists (even if they are rather outspoken and blunt centrists), then they are buddies and friends?

I think Boehner doesn’t know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. He’s as misguided as the judges presiding over the Salem witch trials, and, like those judges, he’s done a pretty good job of screwing over a bunch of Americans based on those faulty beliefs.

He just needs to pack up and go home and live a quiet retirement. He’s done enough damage already during the time that he was Speaker of the House.

What do you think about John Boehner’s comments about Ted Cruz? Tell us below.

  • annestromberg

    Boehner is right.I never thought I would ever say that! Cruz is the most dangerous candidate. He has a hidden agenda based on Dominion Theology as taught by his pastor father. He claims to be a Christian but he is NOT. Dominion Theology is heresy. GOOGLE IT! He want to restore our country’s “values” based on Dominion Theology. WHO GETS TO CHOOSE THE VALUES? that ALL must follow. This would be a disaster for our country, for women, for alternative lifestyles, for Mormon, et al.
    And since it is not Christian… has to be from the devil. We can only serve ONE Master, Christ or the devil. We can not serve both. Why is the media giving Cruz a pass on this? For the past two months I have been contacting media “biggies” as well as news editors around the country but no one even bothers to check out Dominion Theology.
    I can’t believe how many Christians are following this guy without vetting him. For shame SHEEPLE!

    • Marlene Binger

      Thank you! I totally agree with you. I would NEVER vote for Cruz. He is so untrustworthy. We’ve had enough of these kinds running our once magnificent USA.

      • marah natha

        It’s amazing that the biggest liar, even bigger than Hillary, can call someone else a liar with impunity. He called Carson a liar and “Lyin’ Ben” and that his books were “full of lies.” Now Hillary is “low energy” like he accused Bush of being.

    • jgr58

      What would Hilary the untrustworthy liar & Bernie the socialist bring to America?

      • Alan

        Less freedom and higher taxes.

        • jgr58

          Amen! Very true! More of the garbage that Obama brought to America. There are many homeless vets that need help & Obama wants to bring thousands of muslims to America & give them everything at the expense of the taxpayer! Obama has put this country in debt! He has put us in more debt than al the previous presidents combined!

    • marah natha

      That is bullcrap. I’m for Cruz because he’s a man of integrity who loves the Constitution. He has been far more vetted than the Donald who is openly anti-christ. The President is not someone to be served, he serves at the pleasure of We the People who have given this present President a pass on being a faux deity.

      • Gloria D.

        LYinTed wouldn’t know the definition of integrity…give me a break!!! And STONE FACE FIORINA ??? REALLY??? When she ran she didn’t even get past 2% of the vote..Something happens to him we’re stuck with the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST!! Please don’t start me on that..the ice queen who laid off 18,000 workers under her then turned around and outsourced thousands of jobs overseas…that woman would sell out America!!

        • mallen11

          You are absolutely correct!!!

          • Gloria D.

            Thank you:)

      • Warlock

        Don’t get mad, I’m just asking.

        Bush is on Cruz’s campaign, are you okay with that?

        Also, I don’t know about anti-Christ, but God can use anyone. And he’s already used Trump exceedingly well. The 28 page report most certainly would not have been brought up without Trump, also the rigged system has been exposed for all to see again Trump.

        Saudi has recently stated that they’d sell off almost a trillion in American assets, this is not the behavior of an innocent government.

        Saudi Arabia has a lot of money and they have an army and they have assassins. I hate the House of Saud with a passion they are the psychos of the Middle East. Why are we their allies? Anyway, Trump has signed his DEATH WARRANT by implicating them, they won’t forget in a month or two like us Americans, they’ll wait but they’ll get him.

        A wall vs 5 million illegals……Negative I’m down here in Texas and if you want what’s left of it to be part of the US even a wall isn’t strong enough language.

        I mean, I got lots more just sayin

      • mallen11

        Cruz lost because God did not allow him to win. If he believes in Dominion Theology for our country, it is anti-Biblical. We are a Client Nation; not a Christian nation. A Client Nation must have a civil government; its laws based on Divine establishment principles (Rom 13:1-10). It must have the function of evangelism and the teaching of Bible Doctrine from pastors or ministers. It has autonomous local churches where believers practice separation of church and State. The teaching of the mystery doctrine of the Church Age (Rom 5:32, 11:25, 16:25+) and God’s plan for that nation and missionary activity to other nations that will not interfere with that nation’s politics. SPQR was the first Client Nation in the Church Age during the reign of the Antoine Caesars called the Golden Age. There was peace and prosperity more than any other time and the greatest CN of all time lasting 400 years. The leaders were not even Christian and yet believers and evangelism spread tremendously. Other CN such as the Goths, Sweden, Switzerland, France under the Huguenots, and other Anglo Saxon basin countries The USA has been a CN from its beginning.
        Church Age believers have the wrong idea to have a Christian Nation because this destroys human freedom. A Client Nation to God – you can’t superimpose Christian Biblical standards on unbelievers. Christian standards are for believers only and can only be fulfilled by the filling of the Holy Spirit and perception of Bible Doctrine and both systems are impossible for the unbeliever. Freedom is the issue. There will always be unbelievers in any nation.

        • Gloria D.

          ..and you are absolutely correct!!!

    • mallen11

      Thank you. I have been a student of God’s Word for many years and never heard of this theology. I just finished researching it and find that it is anti-Biblical. We are NOT a theocratic nation nor a Christian nation; we are a Client Nation established on Biblical principles for both believer and unbeliever. We are NOT to legislate against any religion or unbeliever. Our laws should be against criminal activity. That is why our Constitution is so important; it works for everyone.
      Church Age believers have the wrong idea to have a Christian Nation because this destroys human freedom. A Client Nation to God – you can’t superimpose Christian Biblical standards on unbelievers. Christian standards are for believers only and can only be fulfilled by the filling of the Holy Spirit and perception of Bible Doctrine and both systems are impossible for the unbeliever. Freedom is the issue. There will always be unbelievers in any nation.
      A Client Nation…
      • Freedom to evangelize without reservation
      • Freedom to teach Bible Doctrine without suppression
      • Freedom to send missionaries to other countries – the Great Commission
      • Providing a haven for the Jews who are being persecuted all over the world

  • Phil Esposito

    Somebody give Boner a test, I think the boy has been hitting the sauce on a regular basis since leaving office. Doesn’t he know how stupid that makes him look?

    • KingDon

      And he’s one of the RNC’s bright boys! No wonder they’re in such a mess.

      • The Redman

        white-folks, huh.

        • Alex Peshansky

          Who forgot to lock the asylum – again?!?

          • The Redman


    • jgr58


  • usncb

    Boehner is on the sauce again. The cry baby wants to take his ball and go home but no one will give it to him soooooo have a hi-ball Boehner and go the hell home or just go to H–L with your Jack Daniels hi-ball so you can be with your friends.

    • jgr58


  • Alan

    Bonehead has far more progressive, liberal, socialist friends than he does conservative ones, that’s why he’s gone.

  • KingDon

    Don’t take much of what Boehner says to heart. He’s got a bit of a booze problem and may actually be hallucinating a bit wherein he actually does think he’s back in Salem torching witches.

  • Epeefencer

    No matter what is true, Boehner is an ass.

    • jgr58

      Ass & jackass!

    • The Redman

      Ah pink 1

      • Rick

        Well now if it isn’t old Redman our resident pink eyed bed wetting commie. It isn’t great seeing you again you abhorrent reprobate.

    • Warlock

      Now now, let’s take it easy.

      You are gonna hurt his feelings and he’ll start crying and we’ll have hell getting him to stop sucking his thumb again.

      A little more sensitive please

      • ARJAY

        He needs to go to his SAFE SPACE!!

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

    • jgr58

      Here we go. More racial stuff. Who ruined Detroit & look at Chicago the murder capital of America. Anytime democrats are in charge things fall apart.

      • The Redman


    • jgr58

      Everybody has their share of blame.

      • The Redman

        Most white-folks don’t, they live in denial of their mess.

        • marah natha

          I’m glad you know so many people. You must be very popular.

          • The Redman

            Bet U know a lot of men from yo past life as a tramp, huh. nato

        • mallen11

          And the black race has been cursed since the days of Noah.

          • The Redman

            98% of white-folks still love raw meat, and love 2 lick on each other like dogs, jes as they did in dem caves. huh. millie

      • The Redman

        98% white-folks

        • jgr58

          I guess black folks are perfect. Everybody has part to blame.

          • The Redman

            white-folks love 2 live in denial, even when they rape their own children

          • jgr58

            That’s true! They also have sex with dogs. Also, most serial kilers are white. The white man broke every treaty they made with the Indian. But black folks have their problems like black on black crime. When they want to protest they loot & tear up their own communities. That’s ridiculous. So you cab see that I’m not defending whites. I just want you to see that we all have problems in out race.

          • The Redman

            If white-folks wouldn’t worship and push guns so much, “black on black crimes” would not B so.

  • Richard Lorey

    Boehner became a RHINO after he was appointed Speaker. He was supposed to be the savior when he replaced Pelosi, but he threw us under the bus. He sucked up to Obama every chance he got. He betrayed the constituents every chance he could feather his nest. He retired with his $200,000 annual salary just like the rest of us on SS. I don’t really care what he said about Cruz; it doesn’t affect the election anyway. If the American people don ‘t come to their senses and vote for Trump, we will have the same crap we’ve had for the past 7 years+. Sooner or later, the young people will wake up and realize that Hilary will be just like Obama, only a bigger liar and crook.

    • Warlock

      What Boner said is a classic head fake. He was forced out because of his unpopularity.

      If you take that into account, they are thinking we will do the opposite of what he suggests.

      In other words he is endorsing Cruz.

      But it won’t work. There is too much momentum for Trump and too much dislike for Cruz

      I’m on board for Trump, I’ve done tons of research and I’m committed…..I pray I’ve made the right decision

  • Joanne Tellez Giron

    Ted Cruz is who this country needs in the White House. He is both honest and genuinely cares about where we are headed as a nation. We have a Constitution that has been ignored far too long. When some are out to destroy it, Senator Cruz will do his best to help us restore it. All in for Cruz/Fiorina.

    • Alan Wood

      YES! The sad part is that I lived in Bonehead’s district 20 years ago when he was part of the Gingrich revolution. He was solid then. Alcohol has destroyed him. I pray that he gets help, gets out of the bottle, and as the article says – just go away into retirement. Ted Cruz all the way!

      • Warlock

        I think when someone sees the full globalist agenda and how much power and influence it has over every aspect of our lives it’s, they get a feeling of hopelessness and probably reduce it to a “join or die” decision. Obviously most sell out

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      forget it, Cruz just lost Indiana, and Trump is 34 points ahead in California

    • snuffum

      Don’t think so

    • mallen11

      Cruz was groomed for running to keep the status quo in WDC. He can’t be trusted along with the rest of the RINOs and establishment elite so they don’t lose their power “play house” and wealth from We the People who are suffering for their deceit.

      • Joanne Tellez Giron

        The nation loses because the folks are not willing to research the candidates. Ted Cruz is the establishment’s worst nightmare. People need to educate themselves before buying the lies of a chronic liar like Donald Trump. We the People just lost. The establishment and the progressives win.

        • mallen11

          Sorry about your misinformation. I believe in giving Mr. Trump a chance to change things for the better in WDC and stop the power and wealth of politicians that have taken advantage of We the People way too long. He is NOT the same as hellory. People need to realize the campaign trail is totally different in what people say than being in the office. Trump has said some off the wall things; give him a break, he is NOT a politician and we need that change. BTW, there is no one who can make America great again. It depends on enough people turning back to God, learning His written Word and applying it. If not, our country is doomed no matter who gets elected.

          If the Republican Party can’t get their act together and support Trump, we will lose to hellory. People may not like Trump but he is better than hellory and socialism/communism and four more years of -0.

          • Joanne Tellez Giron

            Trump is not in it to change DC. He’s in it for the power. He has been telling us all along who he is but as with BHO, people are not listening or they just don’t believe him. DT doesn’t believe in God and he has never even mentioned the Constitution so I don’t know where he stands on that. A power hungry narcissist is what he seems to be.

          • mallen11

            He is and he will change WDC because of what he will do to get our country back on track. If we don’t stand behind Trump we will be living in a socialistic/communistic country as soon as hellory gets in office. Don’t be part of the problem.

          • Warlock


            The thing I always bring up that makes naysayers “shrink before me” LOL is this

            Trump is the only candidate in 15 years to bring up the 28 pages (could it be because all who preceded him have been establishment?). Recently Saudi has said if the US investigates them for 911 they will sell off almost 1 trillion dollars worth of American assets. THIS IS NOT THE BEHAVIOR OF AN INNOCENT GOVERNMENT.

            That said Trump is the only MAN up on that stage who has had the courage to bring that document once again to the forefront of the American mind (it was all but forgotten)

            COURAGE you are damn right I said it. The House of Saud has an army and they have assassins. TRUMP knows this full well. Implicating Saudi Arabia, Trump has signed his death warrant.

            So if someone says he’s not there to “change DC”, HA he already has……….

            Watch them shrink down and scurry off when you tell them this

          • mallen11

            Absolutely and the elite establishment are so arrogant they can’t see themselves as they really are and they do not want to lose their power or wealth of lifetime pay. They will lie and do whatever it takes to take down Trump even to the point of supporting hellory. They do not do what We the People want and anti-Trump voters need to learn this.

          • Warlock

            Here is some more ammo.


            It’s pretty good, real boots on the ground, I’ve read Bernays, the kid is right. If people are watching the TV to get their news. They may as well be sticking an electric egg beater in their skull and turning it on full blast

          • mallen11

            Thanks, that was interesting info. We need more uninformed voters to research and informed apart from the liberal left. However, some will stick to their blind arrogance no matter what.

          • Warlock

            I’m trying to figure out the female stance most of all, it’s quite a duality to me.

            He’s a narcissist? Just doesn’t fly with me. I hear women saying that all over the media spectrum. Nobody can tell me that this word among others hasn’t been pushed by the mainstream media. Everyone should read Bernays Propaganda, Chomskys Manufacturing Consent, and Huxleys Doors of perception.

            When you all use the exact same words and phrases it absolutely reeks of mental imprinting put into your brains by the mass media.

            Be careful that you don’t fall into this trap.

            Bernays got women (men are just as susceptible) to start smoking in public just by taking some pictures of attractive women walking down the street and holding a catchy little phrase on a banner then placing that picture in the paper.

            All for profit of the cigarette companies.

        • Warlock

          It’s over now. But just because I’m generous.

          George Bush is establishment through and through.

          Bush was working on Cruz’s campaign. Furthermore, Cruz worked on Bushs campaign in 2000. I could go on but having a Bush affiliation for at least 16 years puts him squarely in the hands of the establishment

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Cruz has dropped out of the race. Trump won Indiana.

      • Joanne Tellez Giron

        And the nation loses. A sad day.

  • Catherine Masak

    John Boehner did nothing for the American people and allowed Lucifer in the flesh, Obama destroy this country and the American people. Boehner and Obama both will land one day in hell with Lucifer. Cruz is good but because of his backers control, I will vote Trump.

  • susan shelby

    Boehner is a pathetic RINO elitist. Who cares what the traitorous, sniveling pos says.

    • Bandit

      Boehner (the weiner) only cares about himself and no others, he would rather get into bamba boys pants rather than go on the side of the people, he said it himself that he wants an out of control runaway government

    • Warlock

      Ya’ll are gonna make him start crying again


      The last time it took a full month to get him to stop sucking his thumb

      I really wish you folks would be a little more sensitive


  • Jeannie McNeil Hudson

    I’m NOT going to try and defend Ted Cruz, but this latest explosion by Boner (John Boehner) is just another of his drunken rants that are so ridiculous, I am speechless. To get up in front of students and say this crap is so over the top. HOW he ever got as far as he did is amazing, given his less than adequate tact! I am so glad he is no longer speaker. Paul Ryan is a gross disappointment to us as speaker, having completely gone to the left, but at least he has a command of the English language and control of his mouth.

  • Bud44

    I hear Boehener drinks a bit.

    • The Redman

      I hear yo mama does 2

      • Bud44

        Redman did yo mama force you to have sex with her when you were growing up?

        • The Redman

          Nah. I had a “bud” in yo mama most of the times. hahahahahahahah

          • Bud44

            I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but that would obviously be unfair to you. I don’t like to pick on the mentally retarded.

  • Rick Rogers

    Better to do what he is doing that what Dennis Hastert. Wonder how Hastert will look in the Orange Jump suit

  • Cadfael

    Orange man Boehner must have been thinking of himself when he made those comments as they fit him to a T after all there has never been a more traitorous Speaker of the House than him in his never ending efforts to embrace the Democratic Party Platform and sell the Conservative Base and his own constituents down the leftwing Pike without a paddle and canoe. In his own words ” he is truly the most miserable son of a b—- in most true Conservatives lives. ” It was good to see him leave!

  • A_Nobody

    ROFLMAO….Boehner hasn’t any conservative friends, but he ahs friends in the RINO party and in the Dem party. What he doesn’t, and didn’t, care about was the average hardworking American which was obvious for Mr. Rollover.

  • Christopher Tabin

    Boehner was nothing but an embarrassment to the republican establishment. he allowed our nation’s debt to skyrocket to tremendous heights, shut down our government multiple times thanks to Obamacare, and has made goodie-goodie with the liberal brass. I guess it’s true what they say about RINOs. once you go liberal, you never go back.

  • ralph

    Spot on

  • Warlock

    Well I think you hit the nail on the head.

    “They never use that type of language”

    So what is the angle? I think it’s a head fake, knowing how unpopular Boner is; any negative remark by him is an endorsement.

    So, I believe he is endorsing Cruz.

    Bush is on Cruz’s team and so is the Globalist/Wall Street Goldman Sachs

    At this point, take all issues off the table and being brutally honest with ourselves…..Cruz can’t beat Hillary.

  • Susie Q


  • 4Pip

    I agree about Boehner,he has been disastrous for us so it’s great he’s gone.I don’t really understand how the people have come to hate Cruz,it must be they have taken what Trump said as gospel.He is the one lying about lots of things,he was fact checked by a group and they said he has lied at least 20 times. Cruz has been honest in all he has done and has ethics and morals that Trump doesn’t have.

    • Snelloc

      Not sure which group you are talking about but probably politifact. Did you see where they checked Cruz on 94 things he said and only 6 of them were true? As used_to_be_a_liberal has said above it no longer matters as Cruz has dropped out of the race.

  • rapunzel972

    That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Boehner has no guts at all. He caved to Ovomit every time. He is really a Demoncrat at heart.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Being that Ted Cruz is a n evangelical, Rep. Bohner should hope Ted that has prayed for him because if he hasn’t, bad things such as broken bones can occur–straight out of Psalms.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    This no longer matters. Cruz has dropped out of the race. Trump won Indiana.

  • Rodney Steward

    Well Obama’s favorite lap dawg, lets call the kettle black, you’re as evil as a person could be!!

  • Michael

    Boehner needs to go home with no retirement because he sure didn’t earn it! Can’t tell the difference between him, Ryan, pelosi, Reid or any other anti-American.

    • Warlock

      Can’t tell the difference? Uh, hello, Boner is the one crying, sucking his thumb and wetting his pants.

      He has special feelings and you are hurting them.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    “Boner”: useless in the past, even more useless now.

  • TadhgMcLir

    As far as I’m concerned if Boehner hates him it is the best recommendation Cruz could get. Anyone the RINO-in-Chief hates sounds good to me.

  • mike

    I say the fool needs to look into a mirror and he will see the real lucifer

  • Ernie Cloutier

    Boehner ,obamas LAP DOG that so well trained he would ROLL OVER everytime his master spoke >Want MONEY to waste NO PROBLEM , Want to increase “OUR” kids DEBT to 19 TRILLION ,NO PROBLEM ,and as far as that PLEDGE TO AMERICA I and MY CRONIES BUDDIES SIGNED IT WAS JUST ELECTION BULLSHIT to GET ELECTED >> WE ARE “NOT MEN” of HONOR when it comes to sticking it to the working CLASS , they to stupid to understand >. Look what MY REPLACEMENT DID ( PAUL RYAN )to those WHO HAVE KEPT THIS COUNTRY FREE ,CUT THIER PENSIONS,LOUSEY HEALTHCARE like obamacare >> BUT SURE DIDN’T CUT HIS 223,000.00 OR HIS CRONY BUDDIES 174,000.00 for tearing down this country to fill thier BANK ACCOUNTS BOehner 5 million ,INSIDER TRADING >> and that’S THE garbage CONTROLING our lives >>Coruption WITH stay out OF jail cards with full pensions

  • Julie Smalley

    Trump needs to show proof more than claiming truth from his friends rag mag about ted cruz father having been part of the jfk Assination , if it’s all true Donald then if your the president it’s your duty to reopen the investigation into president Kennedys death, if like all your threats to sue ted for using your own statements against you, and if you don’t reopen that investigations then it proofs you are a liar and part of the disgusting establishment that you say your not a part of, your a pathetic little man, your not who will save the constitution senator cruz stood on the conviction of the constitution. What shame a real dam shame.

  • Just glad he’s no longer Speaker of the House.

  • John

    Boehner is a giant Joke.

  • heidi

    Boehner wallows in a pit of vipers – McConnell, King, etc…

  • Yale Kincaid

    The man betrayed us. If he wants to fix this country, he can start by changing the man in his mirror. Until then, his words mean nothing.

  • Watch it

    This guy must be in denial. Doesn’t he realize why the voters pressured him out of the Speakership and out of Congress?

  • Warlock

    Dear Conservatives,

    Put your toys back in their box and go to your room…..You are grounded until further notice.

    Your “misguided” and grossly unjustifiable self righteousness is absolutely the prideful attitude that has given birth to the so called RINO which of course is just a democrat.

    To put it more simply (so that you can understand), you have been electing democrats just like the democrats have.

    We libertarians have actually waited too long, but we are stepping in never-the-less. We have watched as your uneducated, self righteous approach to problem solving has failed time and again.
    It has been our hope that you would learn from your mistakes and correct them. Unfortunately you keep repeating the same mistake election after election and you always walk away…….perplexed (that big word means bum-fuzzled) as to how this could happen.

    So please take it from a member of a party that is far older and wiser than yours

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is quite …………… nuts.

    You say you are against abortion and you’ll take a hard line stance against it. Though noble in your stance it keeps failing to produce results does it not? Yes, much like voting democrats into office you are also voting for abortion whether you want to accept it or not.

    I’m sorry, I’m sure that was shocking to you but someone has to tell you that Santa Clause isn’t real and the 50 cents under your pillow was not the tooth fairy.

    Yes, you are the cause of excessive democrats and abortion and now transgender bathrooms.

    There is a way to correct this (but I’m not going to tell you what it is), I’m going to tell you what it isn’t. The way to correct these issues is not the approach you have been failing at for decades. You are still going to have to work to figure out the solution for yourselves because if we hand you the answer on a silver platter we will become your crutch and that won’t do anyone any good.

    That would be giving you the fish instead of teaching you how to fish.

    But for now we are stepping in to save you. Your finger is part way into the light socket and we can’t have you killing yourselves and shorting out the whole damn system.

    So for now follow us and vote Trump. He isn’t a savior and if he’s fooling us, we’ll take drastic and immediate action. Hopefully you will learn something.

  • RobFromDallas

    Ted Cruz – Miserable SOB. Yep, pretty much. BONER – Miserable SOB. Absolutely!