Governor Brown vows to fight Trump

| January 25, 2017

California Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday issued a battle-cry against U.S. President Donald Trump, swearing in a new attorney general expected to take on his administration and vowing to defend the state’s progressive laws against federal intrusion.

Without naming Trump, Brown, a Democrat, called signals from the days-old presidential administration “disturbing.” He promised to push back as Trump moves to enact campaign pledges to deport illegal immigrants and roll back climate protection.

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  • Frank W Brown

    Hey “MOONBEAM”, I think you had better watch your ass cause Trump WILL be aiming directly at it, and I think you will LOSE!!!

    • lieDONTlie

      Threaten to run the border fence around CA,give back to mexico and see how the libs like i won’t miss them lol

      • flasawdust

        Damn right …run the fence between Arizona and California, Nevada and California, and California and Oregon. Make it nearly impossible for any on that side of the fence to come over to this side of the fence.

        • The Redman

          white-folks like U, should B ban from going anywhere but back under yo rock. loser.

          • ron simpson

            left that septic tank one and a half years ago because the liberals and the commies were running amuck looks like I left just in time to set back and watch it implode.moonbeam is a joke and anyone who thinks other wise is just as deluded as he is

          • lenati

            oh my your back. GOD HELP US.

          • The Redman

            Most of U stink skin white-folks refuse “GOD”, and use His name in vain. snake-mouth lenny. hahhahahahahah

      • lenati

        Why don’t we just tie off California & let Mexico have the whole state along with it’s protesters ,illegals drug dealers etc etc & Hollywood nut jobs. Boycott Hollywood.

  • Frank W Brown

    If laws that are ALREADY on the books were enforced, these immigration obstructionists at ALL local levels would be facing JAIL time, just read the constitution and weep, IDIOTS!

  • Denis C. Flaherty



    Governor Moonbeam looking for a ride on the highspeed train cost overruns? He needs another HaleBopp Comet to hop onto.

    • Kenneth W Boyd


  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

    • dragonfire777

      We built America and will continue to love her and keep her safe. You may leave anytime.

      • The Redman

        The only thing a idiot like U built is a herd of lice on yo big greasy pink head. hahahahahahahahaha. jack-bo-inbred. 98% of U pinkies ruined america

        • dragonfire777

          Are you still in the country Redrump? I see you’re still on that crack pipe. You should put it down. Your slip is showing.

          • The Redman

            I’m at yo no good mama’s house. she stop smoking “crack”, she love meth now, and like 4 me 2 get under her “slip”.hahahahahahaahhah. dragon-queen.

          • dragonfire777

            Redrump I told you to get off the crack idiot. You’re so drugged you don’t even know you’re at your own mama’s house! Get off the drugs so you know where you are. You’re just sounding stupid at this point. So now get off your mama.

          • The Redman

            U ah drag-queen jes like yo no good mama on dem streets hustling meth. hahahahahahahaha.

  • dragonfire777

    They don’t call Brown “MoonPie” for nothing. He don’t do what is good for the state, only what seems popular at the time. All Sanc cities should not receive Federal funds. We can build the wall plus 100’s of other things with the money we will save on Sanc. cities. Let the citizens pay for their will.

  • dragonfire777

    Sink them Mr. President!

    • The Redman

      Yep. like yo no good pappy did U late at night, huh. dragon-queen. hahahhaahahahahh

      • dragonfire777

        Jeez Redrump you should put that crack down.

        • The Redman

          Yep. yo mama “crack”. hahahhahahahahahah

  • ironbiker

    I thought Hillary was the president of California….

  • The Redman

    white-folks-(98%)- ruined america from ever becoming a u.s.

  • Bill Payne

    Gov.Dumb ass you cannot win against the President. Your state isn’t progressive it’s just way,way left & so liberal it puts a bad taste in true Americans mouths. You are not fit to run a state government. Go find Linda & get some good advice!

  • TadhgMcLir

    Ahhh Jerry Brown, California’s SnowFlake – in – Chief.

  • Kenneth W Boyd

    Those queers and freaks out there SHOULD be cut off from THESE UNITED STATES !
    Kick them out of the UNION !

  • steve reid

    Lets finish flushing California down the toilet.

  • Orion

    “Governor Brown vows”???? ;-)))))) Okay moonbeam!! ;-)))))

  • WVF

    Get ready, Moonbeam, to get bulldozed!

  • lenati

    No surprise here. California is so LIBERAL. We can do without all the Hollywood pelosi fineberg etc nuts from California . GO TRUMP.

  • jeeper97

    Jerry Brown and his liberal minions have California a trillion dollars in debt and still going for more debt. Is Hollywood going to bail him out? The elite is just awesomely brilliant; they fix all problems by throwing money at them (other peoples money).

  • Patriot47

    You lose, moonbat.