Hannity calls staff meeting

| May 2, 2017

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity is calling a staff-wide meeting for everyone who works on his television show, according to people close to his show.

The meeting comes as speculation is swirling around Hannity’s future at the network following the resignation of his longtime friend and former producer Bill Shine, who was named a co-president of Fox News last summer with the departure of longtime network chief Roger Ailes.

Staff-wide meetings for Hannity are unusual and one person close to his show expressed surprise because “Hannity doesn’t do meetings.”

It’s not clear whether Hannity will say anything meaningful about his future with the network at the meeting or whether it will be more of an opportunity to encourage his staff while the network goes through big changes. Hannity is widely liked and appreciated for such gestures, Fox insiders say.

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source: http://www.politico.com/blogs/on-media/2017/05/02/sean-hannity-staff-meeting-237872

  • Gen11American

    If Fox fires Hannity on trumped-up charges designed to destroy those who helped Donald Trump get elected in 2016, just as they did to O’Reilly, I shall totally cease to watch Fox News, and I suspect hundreds of thousands of other viewers will cease watching them also.

    • rwendling70

      Already have stopped watching. Rupert’s sons are turning it into another CNN.

    • The Redman

      Did trump-ah-hump do it. hhaahahhahahahahaha

  • twspears6007

    Hannity hang in there if you can. Sean you are Fox news make no mistake about it. You go and I will go away from a Fox news watcher to listening only to radio with Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and other Conservative host.

  • The Redman

    Hush Limbo is next. haahahahahahaahahah

  • Moe

    Once Fixnews is gone since liberals decided we are not allowed to hear the truth only their lies, our freedom is near gone. Obama dream of the New World Order and death of a free nation will please him.