How Democrats Win Elections

| October 7, 2016

How liberals win elections has confounded conservative voters for years. Some have speculated that liberal voters are “low information voters.” Some speculate that these voters are bought off by promises of handouts. Still others are kinder in their viewpoint and believe that liberal voters simply have a different belief in how the world works.

But, then, you have other bits of information that can lead you to think that it is a completely different issue which causes Democrats to win elections: voter fraud.

A perfect example is the recent story of a Democrat in Virginia. Andrew Spieles, a student at James Madison University, conveniently registered 19 dead people to vote. He also happens to be a registered Democrat who ran for Caucus Chair of the Virginia Young Democrats who was working for a “non-partisan” organization called HarrisonburgVOTES which was conveniently founded and run by registered Democrat Joseph Fitzgerald, who also happens to be Chairman of the Sixth Congressional District Democratic Committee in Virginia.

The frustrating part about all of this is that all of the voter fraud stories that I am hearing are supporting Democratic candidates. If Democratic Party ideas are so good, then why can’t they be sold to us on their own merit as opposed to trying to steal elections to shove their policies down our collective throats?

What do you think should be done to counteract what appears to be rampant voter fraud in America? Sound off below.