If This Isn’t The Most Shocking Waste of VA Money…

| October 14, 2016

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been under fire for the last several years. Allegations of misappropriation of funds that were supposed to go towards helping military veterans facing legitimate medical needs have become a disturbing norm. But, allegations of officials misusing funds for personal gain isn’t the end of the waste of VA money.

Now, the Obama administration is making the VA use funds to care for our veterans for their own politically correct makeover of the military: Tax money will now start being used by the military to fund gender change surgeries for soldiers.

I’m not kidding. J.D. Heyes writes,

“If you needed further proof that every agency and institution under the left-wing lunacy of Barack Obama has been completely politicized, here it is: A cash-strapped Pentagon that is being forced to fund gender reassignment surgery for troops ‘confused’ about their sexual identity, even as scores of veterans continue to die waiting for treatment from the chronically broken VA medical system.

“As reported by Circa, the Defense Department’s policy of paying for gender reassignment surgery kicked in a few days ago, and already some bean counters estimate the program could cost upwards of $8.4 million a year. And while that might not seem like much given the Pentagon’s annual budget of between $550-$580 billion, every penny counts where you’re trying to rebuild a military worn down by more than 15 years of never-ending war.

“The PC policy states that if any military member’s ability to serve is ‘adversely affected by a medical condition or medical treatment related to their gender identity,’ they become eligible for reassignment surgery or hormone therapy, both of which would be subject to the member’s commander in terms of timing.”

So, veterans are dying while on waiting lists for life-changing surgeries, but a guy who would prefer to wear heals instead of combat boots gets priority? Utterly ridiculous.

Even if we concede the point that gender confusion is a real medical problem (questionable, at best), to say that someone’s “confusion” is more important than a veteran’s life is plainly wrong. What’s worse is that, once this becomes known, we’ll likely see an influx of “confused” people joining the military so that they can have someone else pay for a surgery that they aren’t willing to fund for themselves and that their own insurance (rightly) says is voluntary and not a medical necessity.

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