Is This The Real Reason The New York Times Attacked Trump?

| October 7, 2016

Tracking down the real movers and shakers in this election is reaching the same level of deceit and cat-and-mouse-games as international espionage in a James Bond movie. One example is the Black Lives Matter “protesters” and other “protesters” who are actually on the payroll of left-wing billionaire George Soros (you didn’t hear about that in the mainstream media, did you?).

But another example that you may not have heard about is billionaire Carlos Slim’s recent purchase of a 17% stake in the New York Times which may be the reason that the Times has gone after Donald Trump so harshly. Why would this affect it? Well, Carlos Slim, who was, for a time, the richest man in the world, is Mexican, and many people from Mexico are offended by Trump’s border wall rhetoric.

Could the times have simply gone on the attack against Trump simply out of liberal principle? Certainly. Much of the mainstream media has done so out of knee-jerk reaction against someone who refuses to be politically correct and polite all of the time (which may explain Trump’s popularity). Regardless, it’s a distinct possibility that the Times may have gone on the attack to appease their new stock stakeholder.

What do you think: Is the New York Times attacking Trump simply because they are liberal lapdogs or because they are trying to please Carlos Slim? Comment below.

  • PPTA

    Something Trump said eleven years ago? IO made mistakes also, have you? I stand with Trump. If you think for one second I will vote Hillary, or ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS, RINOS, you are very, very wrong.