Jail time for leaked intel on Trump?

| January 13, 2017

Unverified information featured in an intelligence dossier that was leaked to the press made the rounds in the news cycle, mainly in the form of Buzzfeed who released the documents in full with few redactions, and many highlights. The claims made in the dossier were denounced by Trump, who now says he believes it was a cyberattack by Russia.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, however, believes that if anyone is handing out sensitive information about important public figures, then they should see jail time.

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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/01/12/rand-paul-believes-whoever-leaked-the-intel-on-trump-should-be-jailed/

  • Howleyesque

    LOL AND, as one CONFESSED purveyor of this utter BS was JOHN MCSTAIN.. THAT would be just utterly HILARIOUS!

  • Stikit

    I hope Session’s will take these inept agencies to task, and hold them accountable for their discretions…including prosecution and incarceration…from Clinton to CIA.

    • Front Sight

      Senator Rubio may have been behind the intel leaks, which would explain his fanatical opposition to Senator Sessions. It’s the only way, left to him, to hurt the President-Elect.

      • Stikit

        Certainly McCain and Gram are the usual suspect…as the latest like from Buzzfeed…originated from McCain! We hear nothing from that…where did he get that information from to pass to the FBI? Too many culprits!! I hope President Trump will eat them up…because it is the WILL of the people!!

      • Grand Pano

        You might remember that on the day Congress voted on the “Omnibus” budget that would give OBAMA mucho dinero to pursue his “spreading the wealth to his voting cronies” RINO RUBIO did NOT show up to VOTE AGAINST IT! Apparently, he flew off to a “money raising meeting to line his political pockets”. Get rid of RINOS like Marco, Lindsay Graham, McCain, and possibly other “establishment” RINOS!

  • Robert Cowger


  • Christian_Patriot7

    All press must be banned from White House except conservative news organizations!

  • kassa1

    I would agree, as I believe this is slander and they should be in prison for the rest of their life to make an example out of them or deported from this country.

  • homegirl

    Cool, all the Trump traitors gathered in one spot and blowing their cover, if they ever had any.

  • W. Coyote

    First, Trump said a cyberattack by Russis is “fake news”. Now he “believes it was a cyberattack by Russia”. One indication we may be entering a dictatorship?–“The great leader may change his mind often, but he is always right.”

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

    • Grand Pano

      Get lost, troll! You are only proving to the world how insane you are. By the way, quit violating the noble Native Amerindians by using the posting name “The Redman”! How about “The Rudeman” which is so much more applicable!

      • The Redman

        Zip-it granny-pantie-sniffer. hahahhahahahahahh

  • irish1919

    That’s the point. Why do you think Brennan Clapper and Comey are bringing up this dossier. We know they had no fingerprint proving Russia hacked the DNC . Now they want to say This Dossier implicated Trump in the hack. They all know that if trump gets in office they are all in trouble from OBAMA throughout the administration . Obama is trying to make it nearly impossible for Trump to govern. It’s why he has come up with more executive orders, freed more terrorists which will go back out and kill Americans and is on the verge of starting a war with Russia. Obama does not want to cede power easily. Brennan is his buffer. Brennan has and will continue to lie and bring up false charges. He is a Muslim himself. Everyone knows it. He and OBAMA are not friends of Israel or any free nation. Obama has governed like a Jihadist -in-chief.