Kimmel: Trump Cabinet Pick ‘Piece of Sh*t’

| January 19, 2017

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel took to social media Wednesday to attack Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Put simply, Scott Pruitt is a piece of sh*t,” Kimmel wrote to his eight million Twitter followers. “If you care about the outdoors, stop him. #PruittHearing”

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  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america, and trump-ah-hump it in 2 Hell.

    • Kathleen Shipley

      Shame on you. Stop your racist rants and get to work making America Great Again. Open your mind to new ideas.

      • The Redman

        trump-ah-hump U. white-folks wanna “make america hate again” even worse.

        • Illumenatum

          It is quite apparent that all the hate is on your side of the fence.

          • The Redman

            U’ll C. illumen

        • Amil Baker

          Redman, you didn’t pay attention to the New President when he spoke this morning in the inauguration speech or rather talk. I think you and all the other liberals should wait and see. Actually you may worry that you will have to start to work to make a living.

          • Richard

            “work to make a living”
            Rednose would consider those fightin’ words.

          • The Redman

            Unlike yo mama does on her back, huh. ricky. hahahahaahahahhaaha

          • Richard

            Yo so rite, Redbutt. She’s a lot like you, dead for years.

          • The Redman

            Dat tramp wasn’t yo mama, she was the 1 found U in an ally. yo mama is dat lady U keep looking at on the streets hustling meth. Lil ricky. hahahhahahahahahah

          • The Redman

            U’re “amil” short, huh. inbred. I have 2 white-folks working 4 me. hahahhahahahahaah.. prick-baker

          • coolman11

            He can’t, his attention span is measured in nano seconds and has been saying exactly the same thing in his posts for the last two or more years and never an intelligent response yet

        • paul filing

          FUCK the niggers

          • The Redman

            Dats what I did 2 yo nigger mama. pauline. hahhahahahahahahaa. “filing” her snake-mouth up wit raw-red head. hahahahahahahha

        • wpdaily

          And you’re not hating? I guess you think only white people can be racist…while you post racist garbage. Racism is kept alive by you idiots who won’t let it die. If people dislike you, it’s because you wreak of negativity. You should try thinking positive…it works wonders. I’m white and I would like you if you didn’t have a victim mentality. You have only yourself to blame for your failures and shortcomings. Realizing that is the only way you will get past this mentality. Sick of hearing about racism. I haven’t witnessed racism in over 20 years in public….only on TV. You’re buying into the mind control and wasting your life on bullshit.

          • The Redman

            U’re a 1st class idiot, and U’re white. U don’t know anything about being in the position. hahhahahaahahahah

          • coolman11

            Your wasting your time with this guy he’s been saying the same thing which consists of white folks ruined America or white folks rape their children and if you reply he just tries to cut you down

  • DonRS

    The “pieces of sh*t” are the left wing hosts of night time TV. Kimmel, Colbert and Bill Maher are the worst!

    • Moonpup

      Maher is still on TV? I thought that after the DNC “infomercial” Politically Correct or whatever it was he slithered back into whatever hole he came out of (maybe an “A” hole) and would never be seen again. The only thing that his brand of humor or news or whatever he calls his kissing up to the DNC was good for was as a cure for constipation.

  • Illumenatum

    That Kimmel and his ilk have to resort to barnyard terms to express themselves demonstrates how poorly educated they truly are.

  • Go,Bernie

    And he knows this man personally? I doubt it! The people so vocal about things like this think that people really care what they think! We don’t!

  • Joe S Hill

    Jimmy Kimmel needs to have his lights punched-out,because the only piece of shi! here is him! he,Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie’O Donnell all need to board a jet and leave this country! Kimmel is a nothing but an overpaid late night whore for ABC,and neither he,Fallon or Colbert are worth anything valuable! they believe their own bullshi! and that’s on them! ABC had better late night viewing in its past history like 1972’s “ABC Wide World of Entertainment”,and i’d gladly turn back the clock to watch that anyday before i’d give Kimmel the time of day! and like all the other Trump critics who hate his presidency they’ll accomplish nothing,but waste their time and ours,and like i said,i have WAY better things to watch other then Jimmy Kimmel!

    • I care

      I agree, They should some of the money to that family who’s dad and mom work part times jobs do to Omama. I will be spending money to see any movies of Trump haters and no music of Trump haters

    • Donald Johnston

      Can’t stand him. What a joke he is. Colbert too. Late night has fallen a long way.

  • joe moore

    who listens to this no talent piece of shit. he’s a loser. go play with your coloring book and play doh and find your safe place. he’s no american.

    • Andrew Molina

      follow the money

  • Richard

    I can understand why everything looks like chit to a liberal being their view is from inside a toilet since the election.

  • Richard

    Kimmel, you realize the only people who enjoy your show are the crybaby losers.

  • Dana Cole

    So, who is Kimmel? Oh yea, someone I USE to watch!

  • Warren

    Dip$hit calls EPA pick Piece of $hit !! In my City of Ventura we are being covered with Chemical trails every day by UN aircraft that contain Aluminum shards, Barium plus a dozen other Chemicals where is the EPA? obama Administration is allowing the UN to operate from our Military bases Poisoning our Water, Crops, Livestock, Sea Life & Us !! UN Agenda 21 Population Control !!

  • 24CARFAN


  • EvaStClair, deplorable redneck

    Well, I won’t be watching this pos Kimmel EVER again! What a low life, classless, clueless moron he is.

  • WVF

    Hey, Kimmel, speaking of a POS . . .

  • Pwdro

    Kimmels show is a piece of CHIT.


    Who cares what this Loser thinks

  • Kimmquat, go F yourself you useless POS


    Oh please kimmel, get off of your communist arse! Be a man for once. you pansy snowflake. I believe you need a time out mister!

  • Peter Smith

    Jimmy, go brush your teeth, there’s a piece of sh-t caught right there ……………… It will be a refreshing change because President Donald J. Trump doesn’t give two hoots in HELL about the thoughts of a cretinous, lefty, Hollywood type like you. And neither do we ….

  • pat88

    If Kimmel said that about Obama same folks here would be praising him.

  • Vicki M

    Who is Kimmel? Step aside, do nothings, there is a new sheriff in town.