Liberal Hotbed Poisons Residents

| October 29, 2016

Liberals and their media cronies push hard the idea that they are the only ones who are genuinely kind and good to people, that they really want to help people and conservatives are the bad guys.

But, when you realize the real impact of liberal policies, you realize who is truly is the cruel group of people. Take, for example, the water quality in another liberal hotbed (nope, not Flint, Michigan this time, whose water problems were also caused by political liberals).

No, this time I’m referring the former home town of our current liberal-in-chief. I’m talking about Chicago, where recent water testing revealed that 20% of water fountains in the Chicago Parks District contained dangerously high levels of lead.

Now, liberals will attempt to pin this on conservatives like they do every liberal screw-up, but the fact of the matter is that Chicago has been owned by Democratic politics for years. This is not a conservative problem; this is the natural fallout from liberal political policies and liberal management.

It’s infuriating.

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