Michelle Obama Just Got a DEVASTATING BLOW

| May 1, 2017

When Barack Obama took office, his wife, Michelle, had to find an issue to make her own. She picked the incredibly controversial topic of food.

Yes, food. She decided that, from the lofty perch of the first lady’s office, she would push healthy food. Like “tender baby arugula” — at $20 a pound. And maybe a “$19 bison steak.” (For a wonderful read, check out Dana Milbank’s “Washington Sketch: Michelle Obama Gets Her Farmers Market,” which he once told me got him banned from the White House Christmas party.)

The whole thing morphed into an exercise program — Let’s Move! — and eventually made its way into the nation’s schools.

The result was not pretty — or appetizing.

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/15880/trump-scrap-michelle-obamas-crappy-school-lunch-joseph-curl


    PLEASE LET all these defeated Democrat ‘freaks’, like ‘Mike’ Obama, her fraud husband and the Clinton’s disappear in OBSCURITY where they belong!!!!!

  • chickief

    Food? She should practice what she preaches. After the dismal failure of her school lunch program maybe she should get on another bandwagon, like fashion? Well, maybe not fashion either! Finance? Education? Geez, that wouldn’t work either.

  • rick meek

    My Kids and grandkids threw the chit in the garbage – they took packed lunches and snacks —- SMART KIDS…..