Mike Rowe’s Opinion On The United Airlines Incident

| April 19, 2017

On Monday, Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” answered a fan question on Facebook. The question was about the United Airlines incident:

Donna Johnson writes…

“I assume you’ve seen the United video. Were you as disturbed as I was? How can a company treat their customers like that and remain in business? I know you fly all the time – what would do if you were the CEO?”

Rowe began his answer:

Hi Donna

Like most people, I don’t enjoy seeing passengers dragged down the aisle of a commercial airplane, limp and lifeless. Nor do I enjoy seeing them hogtied at 37,000 feet, (which I’ve also had the occasion to witness – in person – and more than once.)

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/15495/mike-rowe-offers-refreshingly-different-frank-camp

  • Bayside GolfClub

    I wouldn’t gibe this doctor dude a penny. I would go to court, let the public see how he was holding up the flight, acting erratically and once removed lawfully from the plane he trespassed and ran back on to cause all this. Breaking how many laws? He had options. Simple relevant productive options. He decided he didn’t want any of them. Didn’t even ask if anyone else would give up their seat for whatever ‘special circumstance’ he thought he was entitled. He tried not even the simplest of resolutions. Not even simple civility. ! Let him sue and make a fool of himself in court, maybe have to pay all the legal fees.
    In context, this dude was miles out of line, legally, on principle and behaviorally.. The end result was seemingly unavoidable, given his refusals to comply with the conditions of the ticket sale.

    • Jerry

      All he had to say was “yes sir” and stand up. The whole incident could have been avoided. He could have sued them later and still had all of his teeth………

    • Dave Miller

      Or….maybe he was just tired of rolling over so the man could stick it to him again! Maybe he thought enough is enough!

    • Robert E. Herbst


  • Karin Isbell

    Whoever was involved in United’s treatment of him should be fired.

  • flasawdust

    For less than what United was offering for 4 passengers to give up their seats so 4 United crew members could fly from Chicago to Louisville, they could have rented a small airplane to fly the 4 crew members to Louisville.

  • SED

    Where was the truth in reporting again. I have not verified yet but it seems that the good Dr accepted $800 then left the airplane. Then reborded, refused to return the cash or get back off again. Not sure how or why he went back on. But nothing mentioned about these items in the MSM. Only the items to print a good story floated to the surface.