Navy SEAL Drops Accusation on Dems After Russian Hacking Claims

| December 14, 2016

In an appearance on Newsmax TV Monday, former Navy SEAL, FBI agent and political pundit Jonathan Gilliam said he wanted the Democrat National Committee investigated for possibly hacking itself.

Gilliam, who hosts “The Experts” on Facebook Live, said that he was dubious about reports claiming that hacking into the DNC’s accounts was done by the Russians and designed to sway the election to Donald Trump.

“If anybody wants to look into anything, they should look to see if the Clinton camp is not the one that’s actually doing the hacks themselves,” Gilliam said. “If you look at the information, there was nothing really that came out that destroyed anybody, but it made them look like a victim. That’s what they did in the DNC and that’s what they’re doing now.”

“It almost seems like they’re setting themselves up to play the victim card,” he added.

He also expressed some concern given that the DNC is a private organization.

“They’re private agencies, and they showed proof all throughout Hillary Clinton’s time when she was secretary of state that they could not hold on to classified information because the same people that worked for her then are the same people that were working for her and her campaign, and they left top secret information all over the place,” Gilliam said. “They had a server that was in Hillary’s house that wasn’t secured, and the DNC wasn’t secured.”


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