Obama admin injects another $500M into global climate fund

| January 18, 2017

The Obama administration has made a second $500 million payment into an international climate change adaptation fund, the State Department announced Tuesday.

With the announcement, the Obama administration has now spent $1 billion on the Green Climate Fund (GCF) despite broad GOP opposition to U.S. financing for the fund.

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source: http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/314624-obama-injects-another-500m-into-global-climate-fund

  • Climate change is a FRAUD! He wasted OUR money, again! Put that money into our veterans, you muzzie prick! What other bull**** have you got in store as a parting gift to the people you have been screwing for eight years!?

    • The Redman

      Zip-it, U stupid inbred coon. white-folks like U, will steal America in 2 ruins again like yo no good not so grand pappies did. hahahahahhahahahhahha. coon-boy

    • Jerry

      He will get the money back from his greenbackers. After he leaves office he will be financially rewarded better than Hillary Clinton was.

  • The Redman

    trump-ah-hump dat in 2 his pink hands. hahhahahahahaha

  • TadhgMcLir

    Gee, once again Obama proves he is an A@@Hole. Last day to do so, so he had to do it.
    Hallelujah! He’s gone Tomorrow!

  • Cadfael

    The DNC should be sued and held liable for their largesse with taxpayer money for a known fraud. I’m sure Georgie Boy Soros will be able to spot them for it out of his protest financing petty cash,

  • donl

    That 500m could have been used to help those in need. Obie is doing this to make it harder for Trump to succeed.

  • Bob101st

    The GOP should get off their A**es and cut the purse strings. Hopefully Trump will have the guts to put some of the candy a** Republicans in their place. We know the Democrats won’t ever complain about more US Tax Dollars going to fund what seems like the start of their New World Order. We need to get out of the United Nations. God Bless America

  • WVF

    Am I missing something? Does Obama have an open checkbook? I thought Congress appropriated and approved the spending of the American people’s money.

  • TruePatriotInTX

    Why was this not on any national news channel? How was he allowed to do this and where did the money come from? I don’t think Ryan authorized any of this and it needs to be investigated. The president should not have access to this kind of money without congressional approval.