Obamacare repeal bill passes

| May 4, 2017

President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan notch a huge win, though the measure faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.

The House passed legislation Thursday to repeal and replace Obamacare, as Republicans came closer than ever to realizing their seven-year pledge to overturn the Democratic law and remake health insurance for millions of Americans.

The plan, the American Health Care Act, was approved mostly along partisan lines, 217-213, with just one vote to spare. No Democrats backed the bill, and a slew of Republicans opposed it as well.

The vote is a major victory for President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan after months of false starts and intraparty dissension. Immediately after the vote, Republicans ditched the Capitol for the White House to celebrate alongside the president in the Rose Garden.

“A lot of us have been waiting seven years to cast this vote,” Ryan said on the House floor just before the vote, adding that many Republicans were elected on a promise to end the Democratic health care law. “Are we going to meet this test? Are we going to be men and women of our word?”

But the bill’s passage is far from assured in a skeptical Senate. The only guarantee so far is the seismic political impact. For House Republicans, it’s the fulfillment of a seven-year promise to back a bill gutting the 2010 health law. For Democrats, it’s a chance to harness surging energy of Obamacare defenders to oust Republican lawmakers from office.


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source: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/05/04/obamacare-repeal-house-vote-decision-237972

  • Candyman

    These so called Republicans ran on REPEALING Obamacare. After they won it became repeal and replace. My question is: When you remove a tumor from a body, what do you replace it with? As far as I can see they (the Republicans) have replaced it with another tumor. I say repeal and get the f*** out of the way and let the free market work.

  • The Affordable Care Act has been anything but Affordable or acting with Care. It’s been a corporate welfare gift to crony statis, and ruined middle class lives to benefit Illegal Aliens throughout California. Sooner Senate gets real, the better for California.