The risk Trump takes in abandoning Bannon

President Trump’s business empire has long been a family affair and now his White House appears to be headed in the same direction. But what worked in building his personal fortune may not help his political fortunes.

Trump Haters Rush to Susan Rice’s Defense

Trump critics on Monday defended former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, after the mainstream news outlet Bloomberg View confirmed Mike Cernovich’s bombshell report that she was responsible for unmasking the names of Trump aides incidentally caught up in surveillance.

Volleyball star found PERFECT way to SHUT UP libs…

Is the day coming when women’s athletic competitions are dominated by men? As the trickle of political correctness begins its growth toward becoming a flood it certainly seems possible. Unless this road alters it’s just a matter of time until the odd paradox of liberalism – which on one hand claims to be fighting for women’s equality and… Read More »