Black Journalist Calls Out Obama and Says What Few Blacks Are Willing to Say

Democrats and the mainstream media assume that all African-Americans are in the back pocket of Democratic candidates. So, when an African-American calls out Obama for “overt racist appeals” and has the gall to actually say that African-Americans are worse off under a Democratic administration, you have to admire his guts. Wall Street Journal columnist, Jason Riley, doesn’t pull… Read More »

Liberal Hypocrisy Exposed! Leftists Tied to Soros Are Racists with Violent Criminal Fantasies, But Nobody Seems to Care

Liberal hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. Liberals tout themselves as the examples of virtue, tolerance, and understanding.  They stand up for understanding among all people.  Unless they disagree with your politics. A recently discovered case of liberal hypocrisy may take the cake, though. Angelo Carusone, the Executive Vice President of Media Matters, a leftist group with ties… Read More »

2 Desperate Democrats Adopt Conservative Viewpoint to Try to Win Votes in this Tight Re-Election Race

You know that you’re desperate to win votes when, as a Democratic candidate for re-election to the Senate, you start voting pro-gun. Democratic Senators Mark Pryor and Mark Begich are in tight re-election races to keep their seats, and the stress is starting to show. Whereas previously, they had been voting closer to the standard Democratic party line,… Read More »

The Next Bailout that Will Cost American Taxpayers Billions (ticking time bomb)

Bailouts. Bailouts are the epitome of the cronyism that is rampant in Washington these days.  And, if you thought Obamacare couldn’t get any worse, you’d be wrong. Because the next bailout looks like it’s going to be the Obamacare providers. Investors Business Daily details the story that you’re not hearing about in the mainstream media.  Washington fatcats on… Read More »

RFK, Jr. Demands Ridiculous Consequence for Corporations that “Sponsor Climate Lies”

It’s one of those comments that is so crazy that it almost can’t be true.  But it is. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of President John F. Kennedy, in an opinion piece written for EcoWatch, said that “corporations which deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty.” This would be accomplished by… Read More »

Politicians about to Make You Pay $2 Trillion for Their Gross Incompetence in this 1 Totally Unproductive Sector

Public pensions are a bust. Or they will be, if something isn’t done soon. It’s no secret that public pensions took a hit in 2008 and 2009 along with the rest of the stock market.  But it’s worse than you probably thought.  There is a massive shortfall in public pensions. In other words, the amount of money currently… Read More »