Question: What Happens When a Christian in the NFL Spanks His Child?

Answer: He is indicted on child abuse charges. Adrian Peterson, who is an outspoken Christian as well as one of the NFL’s top running backs, was indicted on child abuse charges for spanking one of his children when he misbehaved. According to Sports Radio 610: “Peterson’s son had pushed another one of Peterson’s children off of a motorbike video game.… Read More »

America Loses a Much-Loved Champion of Religious Freedom and Good Taste

Founder of Chick-fil-A S. Truett Cathy recently passed in early September, leaving thousands of militant homosexuals overjoyed and millions of conservatives greatly saddened. One of the most successful restauranteurs of all time, Cathy was well-known not only for inventing the chicken sandwich, but for taking a stand against a militant homosexual lobby that tried to hurt his business.… Read More »

High Corporate Tax Rate Forcing One of America’s Biggest Fast Food Chains to “Leave” U.S.

The Dems (and RINOs) want all the tax money they can get out of corporations, so they’ve created elaborate laws that facilitate tax rates that are as high as 35% on corporations here in the U.S. This is exactly why some of the nation’s top-earning corporations have pursued a tax reduction strategy called a “tax inversion.” According to… Read More »