Seattle Leads Liberal Crusade Against Pizza Crusts and Half-Eaten Apples

Liberals have a well-earned reputation for obviously not thinking through their policy positions and not considering the end result.  And, still, they intervene in peoples’ everyday lives “for their own good” anyway because, hey, they know what’s best, right? But Seattle, already a liberal bastion of “we-need-to-mess-around-in-peoples’-lives-because-they’re-incompetent-to-make-their-own-decisions,” may have taken the proverbial cake by passing an ordinance for…… Read More »

WHAT?? Obama’s Shocking Executive Order Lets Illegals Serve in the Military

It’s amazing how much Obama is able to slip by almost completely unnoticed nowadays, it’s as if the media somehow is able to intuit what it is that might  raise the ire of proud Americans and somehow suppress the information… Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening. While everyone was distracted by a confluence of events — the resignation of Eric Holder,… Read More »

Political Payback: Obama Bullies Whistle Blower, Turns Him into a Felon

You can bet money that the Obama administration targeted Dinesh D’Souza for his critical take on Obama and his heritage — not because D’Souza violated political donation laws. Ever since making and publishing the documentary 2016: Obama’s America, the government has prosecuted D’Souza and tried to hand him stiff penalties for a relatively minor infraction. While he avoided… Read More »

It Takes Only 3 Minutes Show Why Anybody Who Supports Obamacare Is an Absolute Moron

There’s no way around it. The Affordable Care Act is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever foisted on the American public. But given the complexity of the bill, it’s sometimes difficult to understand. Thankfully, some people have dug into the bill and taken the time to reveal HOW it actually works… and… WHY anybody who voted… Read More »