Pelosi: Case Being Made to Impeach Trump

| February 28, 2017

Monday in Washington, D.C at the National Press Club during a news conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said while she has not seen a completed case for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, a “very scientific, methodical way” was being made.

Pelosi said, “The case is being made about the emoluments clause and you have to have evidence and the rest, but the case has not fully been made. The fact is that when I was speaker after we won in ’06 — in ’07 people wanted me to impeach President Bush because of the war in Iraq. I never recovered with the left on this subject for not impeaching President Bush because of the war in Iraq.

You don’t impeach somebody because you don’t like their policies. When they break the law, that’s when you have grounds for impeachment. And at the time of the war, I said, as a top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, ‘The intelligence does not support the threat,’ and so did Senator Bob Graham.”

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  • David Renaud

    Pelosi needs to be removed from politics….period. She is a dim-witt…… That means dummy.

    • tCotUS

      Pisslosi is a Big Mouth Loser.
      She is opening a dangerous move for the DumboRats

  • jacksonjdnc

    Good luck with that. She can’t give the President even a minimal grace period before the clamor and the furor from this idiot gets started. This woman epitomizes everything that’s wrong with the politicians entrenched within the Washington beltway. No class whatsoever.
    Just a low life politician concerned only with her own career.

  • Vernon C. Lindblade

    The lady is filled with an evil spirit..
    Is full of treason and resentment..
    If she is all about the American people,,, why didn’t she speak up when Obama and Hillary, we’re selling out our country!!!! She needs her paychecks removed and her seat in office,,,

    • Jacque Budd

      she’s just a sore loser because her candidate ,Hitlery didn’t win

  • mrp15

    Case should be made to impeach the plastic witch. Putting her name in the same sentence with smart is a paradox. She should be embarrassed to even open her mouth. She was the one who said of Obamcare that you have to pass it to find out what’s in it. What an utter fool she is.

  • Larry Velasco

    There is also a case being made that Plastic Face Pelosi is about to be put away for being, INSANE. Good and well deserved charge.

  • Joseph W. Dobie

    Pelosi on the INTELLIGENCE Committee? There is something inheritantly absurd with connecting those two words… Pelosi-Intelligence?

  • Christian_Patriot7

    Piglosi should be impeached and imprisoned for approving Obama to run for president knowing all the time that he WAS NOT ELIGIBLE!

  • Kevin Nicolay

    Pelosi is a MORON and she WILL ALWAYS be a MORON, Miss you gotta vote for a bill to find out what’s in it. That’s another reason for the electoral college. We don’t need the dumb asses that voted for her running our state and making us as stupid as they are!!!!

  • Camille Gilliam

    Pelosi needs to go, she is missing half the deck of cards. She is evil and with her feeling on all of the illegals, I still think she should have to take them to her house and be responsible for feeding , housing , clothing , and ins. coverage for all of them. Oh yeah, we should not have to pay for her alcohol on the plane when she returns home.

  • Alan404

    For which “high crimes and misdemeanors” one wonders, those being the grounds for impeachment of the president, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Jiggs D

    Pelosi,has dementia and needs to be deported along with the rest of the Liberal scum that are dividing our country.
    All the liberals should move to California, which then can succeed from the USA and build a wall around around California to keep them in!!!

    • Jacque Budd

      yeah! a prison for liberals roflol

  • rick meek

    Pelosi and her disgustocrat buddies have gotten caught doing more chit than this man has even attempted…How about funneling billions of taxpayer dollars to SF every year…..

  • Front Sight

    Nancy needs some play dough, a security Bankie, and a safe room.
    She needs to be reminded that the Aof Impeachment are drawn up in the House of Representatives (which controlled by Republicans.) Even if she can get 2 Republicans to join her, she doesn’t have the 60 votes to pass the Articles.
    The trial would be held in the Senate (which is controlled by the Republicans). She doesn’t have the 60 votes to convict President Trump.
    The case may have to go to the Supreme Court, which will not be controlled by Obama judges. I know that the Liberal types will complain about Obama Judges title; however, the court is, for the most part, evenly divided along Party lines (4-4).
    Last, but not least, she doesn’t have a case, under the 25th Amendment, to bring charges against President Trump. If she brings her “specialist,” the Republicans will bring their “equally qualified specialists.”

  • Alan

    The word intelligence and the name Nancy Pelosi do not belong in the same sentence. She is either senile or completely insane.