Real Life Truth Bomb: How Environmentalists Screw-Up The Environment

| October 14, 2016

Environmentalists often talk about how people can damage the environment. They talk about the dangers people pose to a pristine world that is finely balanced in every way.

In some ways they are right, but it’s not because the normal actions of people are causing the danger.It’s because of that nasty thing called “unintended consequences” that busybodies like environmentalists ignore in their quest to protect everyone and everything from themselves.

A perfect example is the pollution debate over the use of petroleum products. Environmentalists want you to believe that petroleum is the great evil of the world and that driving cars fueled by gasoline made with petroleum is spewing pollution into the atmosphere that will kill us all. This is one reason why ethanol is now commonly mixed with your gasoline.

The problem is that ethanol actually is linked to higher levels of ozone than petroleum when used as an automobile and truck fuel. And, unlike the things that environmentalists are usually freaking out about, scientists have data showing the danger of ethanol as a fuel. Julie Wilson writes,

“The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, was initiated after drivers in Sao Paulo switched from burning ethanol to gasoline due to price hikes. At least 40 percent of light-duty vehicles in the city are capable of running on either fuel. Researchers set up a lab to study the effects after the percentage of those using petroleum increased dramatically from 14 to 76 percent.

“During the percentage increase, ambient ozone concentrations fell by about 20 percent, according to researchers.

“‘The study is the first large-scale effort to measure how switching between ethanol and petrol affects air pollution,’ reported The Star. ‘It arrives amid a debate in the United States and other industrialised countries over the environmental benefits of ethanol, a renewable fuel made from plant matter.'”

So, basically what we are seeing is environmentalists trying to save us from ourselves by making us use a fuel that is worse for us (based on what they say is worse) than the fuel that they are trying to save us from. Yet another example of liberalism causing problems instead of helping.

What do you think about the results of this study: Just more proof that environmentalists are annoying busybodies or something that doesn’t apply to the ethanol debate in the U.S.? Comment below.