Republican lawmakers face rising anger

| February 7, 2017

Republican lawmakers hoping for a break from the politically charged atmosphere in Washington, D.C., have instead been met with protests at home.

From California to Florida, liberal activists are bringing the fight to the doorsteps of GOP lawmakers, marching on the streets of their hometowns and making legislators’ lives miserable as they attend meetings and town halls with constituents.

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  • scott forman

    It’ not the progressive snowflakes the GOP needs to worry about. These “protesters” are bought and paid for by George Soros. Lock them up. No, the people who the GOP should be scared of are their own voters who fully expect them to repeal Obumercare as they have promised they’d do for the past 7 years. Enough of this foot dragging, repeal this abomination and don’t replace it.

    • homegirl

      GOP voters have declined to be knowledgeable that Obamacare and the ACA are the same program. Now they still want Obamacare repealed but they are demanding their Republican and Tea Party politicians retain the ACA.

  • fredmatic1

    Here, here!! I don’t care about repeal…..CANCEL IT. lock, stock and barrel. It was unconstitutional to begin with. Judge Roberts changed what is was to be and called it a tax ,just so it would be constitutional. It is corrupt and Roberts should have been impeached by his illegal activity. JUST GET IT OUT OF HERE!!…and impeach anybody standing in the way of getting rid of it..

    • 2 parrots and a dog

      Well said. I am furious that both Congress and the Supreme Court are playing these political games instead of being honorable and following our Constitution and Bill of Rights. All activist judges should be thrown out on their collective butts too.

      • homegirl

        I agree, first to go – Clarence Thomas. Check out his wife’s high level of political activity.

        • The Redman

          And den all the no good white-folks, huh. homely-girl.

          • homegirl

            Your Back, I thought I got rid of you months ago. Typically your post makes no sense.

          • The Redman

            I know a inbred when they post. yall always use “your” instead of you’re. hater homely-girl. hahahahhahahahahaah. white-folks ruined america

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    I hope there are many like me—I’ll never vote Democrat and if Republicans don’t deliver
    I won’t vote for them>

    • Larry Velasco

      EXACTLY, If they don’t produce, FIRE THEM. PERIOD. That’s how it works. Show me your very best or show me NOTHING. The reason there is so much outrage by the Democrats is, Their world of doing nothing and getting PAID for it, is OVER and they don’t like it. It may come to a Civil War in our country and it won’t be between blacks and whites, which is good, it will be between parties which is, even better. WE, the PEOPLE are tired of being taken advantage of and will not stand for it anymore. Donald Trump has lit a FIRE under people who were afraid to speak out and now, THEY HAVE DONE JUST THAT. Go away POOR LOSERS. Or, you will most likely get your PUNK ASSES KICKED FROM HERE TO THERE and probably back again.

  • cjjf

    The only way to end this is to get the cabinet in, and get to work doing all the promises that will make America great again. Many of these protestors are simply caught up in the media and agitator hype and will stop when they see their own lives improving.

    • Patriot47

      Why would they be happy about getting tossed off the gravy train?

      • cjjf

        Self esteem. Isn’t that exactly what the leftists say is missing?

    • homegirl

      “Own lives improving!!!” Sure, without health care, low wages and high taxes for the middle class. Try to be more specific.

      • cjjf

        Try with actual healthcare instead of forced unafforable insurance, rising wages but more importantly more full time jobs, and lower taxes for all. I still have never gotten an answer on why some foolish people think that health insurance is health care. Perhaps you could try to give one?

        • homegirl

          On a very basic level the ACA guarantees an annual physical. Better to deal with health problems in the early stages than at 10x the cost in Emergency Rooms.

          Now, perhaps you will explain how the Trump tax plan will assure lower taxes for all, particularly the middle class and poorer Americans.

          Have you researched increased employment from 2009 -2016, or the GOP campaign against raising the minimum wage?

  • Cheyenne Kid

    I am getting sick and tired of the craziness and insanity of the left. If responsible democrats don’t rise up and stop them, the end result will be enraged right descending on them, and it won’t be pretty at all.Then bodies will be laying there.

    • homegirl

      Spoken like a true fascist.

      • Cheyenne Kid

        Facist, b,s, and you don’t know me at all,labeling on one comment is completely lame. And there is free speech in our Country. You are a true troll that can’t stand to not be the last word. Anybody that posts so much is narcotic and vain and egotistical. So look in the mirror a long time before you call anybody a fascist!

        • homegirl

          Your post is a perfect demonstration of fascist behavior.Tthere is free speech in this country, yes, even for me who calls it like I see it. For speaking my mind I join, in your mind, the “leftists” you threaten with death, after all you promise “bodies in the street.”

          Yes, I called it, you are a fascist, you may not recognize or acknowledge what you are but it is plainly displayed.

          How often I or anyone else posts is none of your business and clearly an attempt to tell me to “sit down and shut up. ”

          No need to respond but if you do I will give you the last word as it seems to be of great importance to you.

        • ANNG14

          ” Anybody that posts so much is narcotic”
          You do not make sense.

        • homegirl

          I’m tired of reading quotes from people who live in places where the local economy went to hell or Mexico in 1979, and who
          have spent the intervening years swallowing whatever Jesus Juice was
          offered up by theocratic bunco artists of the Christocentric Right, and
          gulping down great flagons of barely disguised hatemongering against the targets of the day, all the while voting against their own best
          interests, now claiming that empowering Donald Trump as the man who will “shake things up” on their behalf was the only choice they had left. You had plenty of choices left.

          In Kansas, you could have declined to re-elect Sam
          Brownback, who’d already turned your state into a dismal Randian basket case. In Wisconsin, you had three chances to turn out Scott Walker, and several chances to get the state legislature out of his clammy hands.
          And, now that the teeth of this new administration are becoming plain to see, it’s a good time to remind all of you that you didn’t have to hand
          the entire federal government over to Republican vandalism, and the
          presidency over to an abject loon on whom Russia may well hold the

          You all had the same choices we all had. You saddled
          the rest of us with misrule and disaster. Own it. I empathize, but I
          will not sympathize.

  • kate777

    The Important item as to The Affordable Care Act which needs to be repealed as soon as possible is the Mandate which requires All American citizens to buy healthcare insurance which if they do not will be Fined. This item is a Socialist mandate and needs to be, again, Repealed. Then the rest can be repealed as needed. The Federal Government needs to get itself out of Mandated Healthcare.

    • homegirl

      And you need to deal with a serious accident or life threatening illness while uninsured. Karmas a b&^%ch!

      • kate777

        And you somehow think your comment to me would change my mind? Apparently you enjoy being under the Government’s thumb…..I as a taxpayer do not feel I am obligated to pay for Your Healthcare Insurance as well as being mandated to have Health care Insurance if I do not wish or can not afford to have pay the price. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is a misnomer as it is not affordable as the rising costs have proved, one pays out more than one gets in coverage. And the costs keep rising. We have Medicaid already we the Taxpayers pay for. I am sorry, but to have a Mandated Law which we have to have Healthcare insurance for All American Citizens is Socialism and Socialism has no place in the U.S. Constitution.

        • homegirl

          So, your choices are to:
          Believe you are paying for my health insurance which is not true.
          You implicate that you cannot afford or do not wish to pay the price. Which is it?
          Pay more than you receive? Have you priced the cost of a serious illness or accident recently? Get current on costs.

          Socialism has no place in the U.S. constitution

          –“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare…”

          What is your definition of general Welfare?

          • kate777

            You do not know what you are talking about, we the Tax Payer pay for Obamacare. But then perhaps you do not pay taxes.
            General Welfare does not mean Socialism. So far the Left has not shown domestic Tranquility. Sorry kid, you are barking to just make noise.

          • homegirl

            “kid” how nice, it has been many decades since I was a “kid.” I am on Medicare which is an earned benefit I have paid into for decades, I continue to pay every month by a deduction from my Social Security earned benefit. Additionally I pay a monthly premium for a private “gap” policy which pays the shortfall between the 80% paid by Medicare and the remaining 20% of my medical expenses.

            If “General welfare” does not mean socialism what is your definition of the terminology?

            And I do pay taxes.

            “domestic Tranquility” the entire phrase is “insure domestic Tranquility” which doesn’t mean what you think it means. But you did find it necessary to record your dissatisfaction with liberals and Democrats expressing their displeasure with the current administration. You won, stop whining.

          • kate777

            First I am not whining, nor are you. We are having a discussion.
            General Welfare does not mean socialism-general: vague, not specific, not specialized. Welfare: the state of being or doing well; condition of health, happiness, comfort; well being. Now Welfare State has to do with employment, medical care, Social Security, etc., is considered to be the responsibility of government. The U.S. Constitution does not mention Welfare State. As to Social Security, did you know you did not have to pay into Social Security when you were working? You could have opted out, which means if you retired, you would not be able to draw Social Security as your account would be zero. I am retired and too have Medicare as well as Social Security. Before The Affordable Care Act came into being, I could have elected to not be covered by Medicare or for that matter any insurance, however with ACA I am mandated to have insurance, therefore I am pretty much forced to stay with Medicare. Considering how Medicare has reduced its coverage since I have been on it, I might as well as not have insurance as I pay more than the government does, and no supplemental insurance I can not afford. I am well aware of the cost of healthcare but again I pay taxes, and Yes you are paying for ACA through your taxes. Even your social security is taxed if you elect it to be taken out of your Social Security through out the year so that you do not owe any tax if you are within a certain range which I am, and that refund of most of it carries me through the next year. Yes, I am very dissatisfied with the last 8 years of former President Obama’s Term in Office because of the lies and deceits through out his whole Term, just as with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the same reasons, and the Democrat Party ignored it all. Social Security was not mandated nor Medicare in that one could and some have opted out. The ACA is a Mandated healthcare insurance. We agree that we disagree

          • homegirl

            Our differing interpretations of the Constitution are our privilege and right as individuals.
            Only a few remarks:
            As a person who has had three knee surgeries in order to remain mobile, I am thankful for Medicare and my gap policy. Three surgeries, three hospital stays, one week in rehab for physical therapy and many sessions of physical therapy. My combined out of pocket expense was under $500., primarily for two rentals at $160 per for hospital beds, delivered to my home, set up and removal. A walker at $40. , and subsequently two additional walkers, purchased at local thrift store-one $5 and the other $15.
            When it comes to Social Security I both receive and continue to pay into the program, as I have self employment income, which means I pay estimated quarterly payments. Once a year I file taxes to the federal government and my state of residence.
            You have a right to make the personal decision to be dissatisfied with any president or elected, even appointed government official, as do I. My chief complaint is that the politicians have sold out to the highest bidder, on a small but personal scale for both of us, the formula and criteria to determine the Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustment is set up to avoid realistic COLA for Social Security recipients.
            Our government is in the control of corporations and the first step to returning power to the rest of us would be a SCOTUS decision to overturn Citizens United. Next would be public financing of all political campaigns.


  • Chris

    Your dealing with communist, what else is there to say. The country is invested with them, there like cockroaches and need to be felt with accordingly. Where is the malathion when you need it.

    • ANNG14

      Too bad they ran out of it before they got to you and your traitor president.

  • The Redman

    white-folks have truly ruined america.

  • homegirl

    Current Republican Philosophy in a Nutshell

    1. I’ve got mine. You should get yours on your own.

    2. Don’t take any money from us to support others.

    3. People who cannot afford health care are a drain on society.

    4. People should stay healthy. If they do not, death is an affordable alternative.

    5. Don’t take any money from us to help the poor.

    6. Women are for housework and sex. They should STFU.

    7. The Christian religion is good. All others are bad. Convert!

    8. If your lot in life is bad, pray that it gets better. Don’t come to us.

    9. White people are the chosen people of God. We’re very sorry you’re not white.

    10. America First! All other countries suck, and should not take our money.

    11. Rich people are rich because God likes them. If you’re poor, God obviously doesn’t like you.

    12. If your job has low pay, you should get a better job.

    13. If you are old, you should have saved up for your retirement.

    14. Every fetus is sacred. Poor children are a drain on society.

    15. Trust Republicans to do the best thing for successful people.

    16. Science is unnecessary and often contradicts our beliefs.

    17. If you are not a Conservative Republican, what are you doing in our country?

    18. Only Conservative Republicans are “The American People.”

    19. What “The American People” want is what we tell them they want.

    20. Do not take our money for any reason. It is our money. Get your own.

    21. Disagreement with us is Treason. Don’t disagree with us.

    22. We will decide what’s best for you. You needn’t worry about it.

    23. What we do is none of anyone else’s business.

    24. Education is an option people should buy. It is not a right.

    25. Do not take our money. It is OUR money! Give us yours, too.

    26. If we think your sexual habits are icky, stop doing that. We’ll make a law against it.