Sessions Says the Border Wall “Will Save Us Billions”

| April 24, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat down with ABC, to discuss the future of President Trump’s border wall.

Sessions says the U.S. will save billions of dollars in the long-term as a result of building a southern border wall.

“I do believe this wall, this barrier is going to be essential in ending the illegality. It will save us billions of dollars because the numbers of people that are coming will be reduced dramatically; the amount of drugs entering our country will be reduced; the amount of people we are housing in detention centers will be declining,” Sessions told “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos.

“We are gonna get people out of the country to these countries that aren’t taking them back after they’re due to be deported. It’s going to save us hundreds of millions — billions of dolllars,” Sessions added.

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  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

    • Frank H. Deery


      • The Redman

        Jes plain ole snake mouth white-folks frankie-bo. hahahahahahaha

        • jerry

          How’s it going??????
          Still schlepping the same squaw?

          • The Redman

            Nah. white-folks ruin everything.

    • Jerry

      I would like to comment, but it is a waste of time.

      • The Redman

        Well, let me help ya. white-folks ruined america. jerri. hahahahahahhahah

  • giley1

    No doubt, billions will be saved with the border wall as well as human suffering with the cartel drug smugglers and human trafficking. Mexico has a very strict immigration laws. They want to continue to send their indigent citizens for US tax payers to house and feed. The illegal criminal element needs to be scooped up and shipped out ASAP

  • Jerry

    The President should stick to his guns and let them shut the government down. They are just screwing with him.
    On taxes, the Dem said they would not go with tax reform until he produces his tax returns. First off he is the first business man to become president and maybe he doesn’t want his personal business to be made public. The Dem threaten to keep the American people hostage based on a personal grudge. If there is a law that says the President my disclose his tax return the Dem should enforce that law. If there isn’t then they should leave him alone and not hold us Americans deprived of tax breaks because they have a hard** for the prez.

    • jerry

      I’ll expect to see Pres. Trumps tax return AFTER we see O’buttheads college transcripts, student loan records, etc.

  • Richard

    We don’t need to build a wall! There is one there now that is being over run! We need to put guard towers up and man them with military! Cheaper than a wall since they are already on payroll! See one, turn them around! We can also put land mines on our side with notices and let them take their chances!

  • Vera Seiber

    Well, Obama was asked about a hundred times to show his Birth Certificate. I think it was the last couple of years that he was President, that he finally produced it. That’s after he had it made.

  • mbw750

    True humanitarians, I can see where a wall, land mines, militay personal, would be helpful in destroying those bad immigrants, what is next? The Gestapo? Death camps? How about just gassing them, nuke them? True humanitarians. Adolf Hitler would be proud.

  • [email protected]

    Every body wants the wall except for the lying democrats who prefer to sponser terrorism and that’s the truth and they prefer you don’t know about it because they are connected to the Klu Klux Klan and all the racists that hates all including their own who dissagrees with their agenda. Well I want the wall erected but so far everyone is telling all it’s not going to happen, well I am really fed up with all you nay sayers, lets put out a petition to all you patriots to donate to build our wall. The wall for all patriots who cares about America, as you well know we veterans went to far and sacrificed our lives to defend America from all terrorists. Now this is no different because if you really want this then let’s take up a collection from all who wants the wall and help fund the wall, this way the lying democrats cannot claim that we the deplorables don’t want the wall built, anyway president Trump send out a donate to build the wall from all who really wants America to be great again and it will only happen if we really care and if we really want the wall regardless of who pays for it, that means if we the citizens have to spend a few extra dollars for our wall then so be it. I don’t have much but I will be willing to put up fifty dollars to start the fund and you can quote me on that, not telling lies like the democrats.

    • jerry

      I’m in.

  • jerry

    The wall should pay for itself in less than five years.
    That seems like a pretty good bargain; when you figure I still have 10y to go on my 30y mortgage.

  • Lynne Douglas

    Mexicans who choose to enter our country the legal way, after being adequately vetted
    to be sure they are not drug dealers or any other type of criminal, should be welcomed.
    The wall is intended to weed out those who would bleed our economy and bring in
    more drugs that destroy human life. We absolutely need a physical wall to help us
    to protect our country from the current onslaught of criminals flooding in. We also
    need to rescind the foolish law that any baby born on our side of the border is an
    American citizen automatically. Take that away, and the incentive for women to come
    in just far enough to achieve citizenship (and quickly get on welfare, etc.) would be
    removed. Most other countries do not grant citizenship the way we do, because they
    realize how destructive this idea is.