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Should You Sign The Petition To Hit Obama Where It Hurts?

Petitions are becoming particularly popular these days with the internet making it easy for people to sign petitions and express their opinions on a variety of subjects. As you would expect, some petitions are simply ridiculous, and some petitions are examples of smart, solid thinking. And some petitions hit a nerve. An example of this last type is… Read More »

You Won’t Believe The Scary People Who Could Be Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

With Obama having the possibility of stacking the U.S. Supreme Court to his political views, this year has become a scary year for people who love freedom. Why? Because, if Obama gets his way, we will have to deal with the fallout of another progressive nutcase legislating from the bench and tipping the court to the left for… Read More »

Infuriating: How Obama Can Bypass Congress To Appoint Who He Wants To The Supreme Court?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. His death gives the potential opportunity for our leftist President to nominate a progressive to the U.S. Supreme Court which could shift the balance from a relatively politically balanced court, between conservative and liberal, to an outright liberal court. That’s pretty scary, especially given… Read More »

Obama Unilaterally Implements Historic New Rule to Change Military

This is a decision that will really upset some folks and will make other folks really happy. Obama has now ordered that women be fully integrated into the military including combat roles. What this means is that, hypothetically, women will be held to the same standards, including physical standards, as men. Unfortunately, some are already expressing concerns that physical… Read More »

Republican Congresswoman Just Made a Shocking Accusation Against Obama

Many people reading this will respond to this story with the words, “It’s about time!” Representative Ann Wagner (Republican – Missouri), in a radio interview, called out President Obama on the Syrian immigrant issue. She said, “He decided to pick a fight and stand up for ISIS and stand up against the side of freedom and to pick a fight… Read More »

Capitalism is Solving This Major Issue – And Big Government Liberals Just Can’t Stand It

Liberals have this bizarre way of looking at any situation, seeing a problem (whether there is one there or not), and then somehow believing that a bigger government is the solution. So, of course, when Al Gore, Barack Obama, and, yes, Bill Gates advocate controlling carbon emissions because they believe it will help the environment (we won’t get… Read More »