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This “Nice Guy” Country Had More Backbone than Obama and All of Congress on This Controversial Issue

Nice guys have a reputation. Some people say that nice guys finish last. Some people say that nice guys are push-overs. Some people say that nice guys don’t have any guts. Canada just proved them wrong. I couldn’t believe it when I read it: it’s true that Canada said it will withdraw from TPP to protect their sovereignty,… Read More »

High Corporate Tax Rate Forcing One of America’s Biggest Fast Food Chains to “Leave” U.S.

The Dems (and RINOs) want all the tax money they can get out of corporations, so they’ve created elaborate laws that facilitate tax rates that are as high as 35% on corporations here in the U.S. This is exactly why some of the nation’s top-earning corporations have pursued a tax reduction strategy called a “tax inversion.” According to… Read More »