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Get Ready For This Political Sucker Punch To The American People

One of the standard campaign planks that Republicans run on is the idea of less government: less government intervention in our lives, less government waste, less government period. It’s been a successful campaign promise that a few Republicans have actually worked to uphold while in office. Unfortunately, though, we are now dealing with a breed of Republican in… Read More »

Infuriating New Rules That Congress Play By Will Make You Want To Throw Something

Once upon a time, maybe Congress played by the same rules as the people. But, then, something began to change. People in Congress realized that they could give themselves benefits that nobody else had access to. Over time, that came to include the “right” to bounce personal checks at will, have healthcare for life, and have an extravagant… Read More »

He’s Not Even a Member of Congress – Yet They Want Him to Be Speaker of the House

Now that John Boehner has put in his resignation from Congress, the House of Representatives will need to get down to the dirty work of selecting a new Speaker of the House. What many people don’t know is the specific rules around what qualifies a person to be Speaker of the House. Essentially, the qualifications are the same… Read More »

This “Nice Guy” Country Had More Backbone than Obama and All of Congress on This Controversial Issue

Nice guys have a reputation. Some people say that nice guys finish last. Some people say that nice guys are push-overs. Some people say that nice guys don’t have any guts. Canada just proved them wrong. I couldn’t believe it when I read it: it’s true that Canada said it will withdraw from TPP to protect their sovereignty,… Read More »

Obama Administration Arrogantly Proves This Was a Lie… Again

Remember the statement President Obama has made about his administration being the most transparent administration in history? What, you don’t believe it? Well, this won’t do anything to change your mind. The acting administrator of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), refused to appear before the House Oversight and Reform Committee to talk about flaws in the TSA’s security… Read More »

Boehner Learns from McCain, Makes a “Mafia Move” of His Own

John Boehner received the most votes against an incumbent Speaker of the House in any election of the Speaker since 1923, and, now, he’s pulling a John McCain Mafia move and seeking to punish those who voted against him. Way to go, John. That’s the way to instill security and confidence in your party base by punishing those… Read More »