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How Democrats Win Elections

How liberals win elections has confounded conservative voters for years. Some have speculated that liberal voters are “low information voters.” Some speculate that these voters are bought off by promises of handouts. Still others are kinder in their viewpoint and believe that liberal voters simply have a different belief in how the world works. But, then, you have… Read More »

If These People Are Leaving, Who Really Are The Democrat’s Core Voter Base?

If you follow politics at all (and I assume that you do if you’re reading this), you’ve likely heard plenty of talk about Republicans and their “core voter base.” One of the considerations of choosing a candidate is if the candidate can “energize” the voter base so that excitement can be generated about the candidate, and people will… Read More »

You Will Be Heartbroken By What Liberalism Does To Women And Children

Let’s not sugarcoat the facts: Political liberalism, as the term is used today, is simply a stepping stool towards a purely socialist economy and society. Not everyone realizes this, but hardcore (read: honest enough to admit that they really are socialists) socialists make no bones about this. So, with that in mind, if we really want to understand… Read More »

Discrimination in The 2016 Election: The Disgusting Truth You Haven’t Heard About

Discrimination is a word that gets bandied about by liberals a lot these days. They use it like a bludgeon against people who don’t see the world the way that liberals would like for it to be. Certainly, sometimes this verbal bludgeon is justified. To discriminate against someone because of their DNA (racial discrimination) is wrong (though I… Read More »

Democrats Now Trying to Make This a “Thought Crime” to Suppress Opposing Viewpoints

We’ve stated many times on this website how much we disagree with Al Gore on many subjects. If he would just actually use science to prove man-made climate change, then we’d even be open to listen to his babble and claptrap. But, apparently, Democrats are so out of touch with reality that they just sent Al his ideal… Read More »

Real-Life Horror Movie Problem Is Happening In California

I’m not personally a fan of horror movies, but they are a huge business. The comforting thing about them is that they are fantasy. They are completely fake and not actually happening in the real world. Occasionally, though, a real-life terror actually becomes reality. In this case, we’re talking about zombies. California is currently awash in a zombie… Read More »

Democratic Party Civil War? Bernie Fires Shots At DNC Chair

The Democratic Party seems to be having a fit of self-destructive multiple personality disorder. You know, those bizarre fits that mentally ill people in daytime dramas on television have where you wonder what in the world you just watched? It’s very much like that, and it has started to get ugly. Bernie Sanders has announced that he will… Read More »