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Disgusting Way That Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Getting Funding

For anyone who understands the concept of personal responsibility, supporting and voting for Democratic Presidential candidates seems like a crazy idea. Why would you support these people? Well, we’ve wondered that, too, and you won’t like the answer. It’s not because it is people living on government assistance. Those people generally don’t have free money to contribute. And… Read More »

Marco Rubio Described the Democratic Presidential Debate Perfectly When He Said This

Liberals are so predictable. This doesn’t make them any less frustrating, but they are, if nothing else, predictable, and the recent Democratic Presidential debate showed the unsurprising character and focus of the Democrats as a party. As Republican candidate Marco Rubio said, “It was basically a liberal vs. liberal debate about who was going to give away the most… Read More »

Feds Already Pandering to Gays with Ridiculous New Law that Will Cost Taxpayers Millions

Many people have very different opinions about the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Regardless of your stance on that issue, this bill proposed by California Democrats will make you shake your head in wonder. They are proposing to ban gender specific married terms in Federal laws. We’re not kidding. They did it last year in California… Read More »

Hey, Democrats, Here’s The Police Force That You Created

Liberals like to gripe about police brutality, and there is no question that, like every other field, there are some cops that should not be in law enforcement. But it seems pretty hypocritical for liberals to gripe about this problem when we’re starting to hear stories about how “bad cop” problems are worse in Democratically-controlled cities. Don’t believe… Read More »