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Google Trends Show Surprising Bad News For Hillary

Hillary’s campaign and the mainstream media want you to focus on something tasteless that Trump said 11 years ago. They’re desperate to get you to pay attention to that instead of covering any real issues. Why? Because of all of the dirty laundry that Hillary doesn’t want exposed to the world. The kind of dirty laundry that Wikileaks… Read More »

Is This The Real Reason The New York Times Attacked Trump?

Tracking down the real movers and shakers in this election is reaching the same level of deceit and cat-and-mouse-games as international espionage in a James Bond movie. One example is the Black Lives Matter “protesters” and other “protesters” who are actually on the payroll of left-wing billionaire George Soros (you didn’t hear about that in the mainstream media, did… Read More »

Boom! Former Mexican Cabinet Member Tells The Truth About Trump’s Wall

Liberals have been up in arms since the very day that Trump declared that he would build a wall on the United State’s southwestern border to keep illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. from Mexico. He further infuriated Democrats by saying that he would get Mexico to pay for it. Liberals jeered and mocked Trump and said that he… Read More »

What Do Latino Voters Really Think About Trump?

Hillary and the mainstream media keep harping on Trump’s supposed racism and his dislike for racial minorities. Obviously, if true, this could be a huge issue as Latinos, while not as cohesive a group as African-Americans, make up the second largest ethnic group in the United States. So, maybe we should ask: What do Latinos really think about Trump?… Read More »

How Third Party Voters Will Help Elect Trump

You may have heard about how both Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein have both been kept out of the upcoming Presidential debates. What you may not know is why the Hillary camp is so desperate to keep people from paying attention to these third party candidates. The reason: because third party voters aren’t… Read More »