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Why Is Pennsylvania Scared Of Poll Watchers?

Why would any honest group be concerned about poll watchers? Don’t both major parties want a fair and unbiased election where the person who actually receives the most votes wins the election? Maybe not. The Republican Party has filed suit in an attempt to have more honest elections in areas like Philadelphia, where Mitt Romney literally did not receive… Read More »

Google Trends Show Surprising Bad News For Hillary

Hillary’s campaign and the mainstream media want you to focus on something tasteless that Trump said 11 years ago. They’re desperate to get you to pay attention to that instead of covering any real issues. Why? Because of all of the dirty laundry that Hillary doesn’t want exposed to the world. The kind of dirty laundry that Wikileaks… Read More »

Hillary”s Delusion: She Claims God-Like Powers

Many of Hillary Clinton’s critics have accused her of being a megalomaniac, of having an insatiable lust for power. Certainly, the many controversies that have surrounded her during her adult life don’t seem to contradict that idea. But, even with her power-hungry mindset, I was not under the impression that she was literally insane. I’m reconsidering that thought… Read More »

How Democrats Win Elections

How liberals win elections has confounded conservative voters for years. Some have speculated that liberal voters are “low information voters.” Some speculate that these voters are bought off by promises of handouts. Still others are kinder in their viewpoint and believe that liberal voters simply have a different belief in how the world works. But, then, you have… Read More »

Is This The Real Reason The New York Times Attacked Trump?

Tracking down the real movers and shakers in this election is reaching the same level of deceit and cat-and-mouse-games as international espionage in a James Bond movie. One example is the Black Lives Matter “protesters” and other “protesters” who are actually on the payroll of left-wing billionaire George Soros (you didn’t hear about that in the mainstream media, did… Read More »