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Should You Sign The Petition To Hit Obama Where It Hurts?

Petitions are becoming particularly popular these days with the internet making it easy for people to sign petitions and express their opinions on a variety of subjects. As you would expect, some petitions are simply ridiculous, and some petitions are examples of smart, solid thinking. And some petitions hit a nerve. An example of this last type is… Read More »

You Won’t Believe This Disgusting Non-Political Ad That The DNC Planned

During election years, it has become the norm for attack ads and smear ads to be seen and heard everywhere that you look. And one of the things that people hating Donald Trump have accused him of is simply smearing Clinton and her campaign, that all he runs are dishonest attack ads. But those people will hate to… Read More »

You Won’t Believe Who Was Just Busted For Media Bias (Not CNN!)

Accusations of bias and skewing of information have been flying hot and heavy already during this campaign season, but this new case is of particular concern. Why? Certainly not because it’s a mainstream media company like CNN, MSNBC, or Fox (it’s not). It’s because it is supposed to be an unbiased source that allows us to make our… Read More »