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Real Life Truth Bomb: How Environmentalists Screw-Up The Environment

Environmentalists often talk about how people can damage the environment. They talk about the dangers people pose to a pristine world that is finely balanced in every way. In some ways they are right, but it’s not because the normal actions of people are causing the danger.It’s because of that nasty thing called “unintended consequences” that busybodies like… Read More »

Try Not To Laugh When You See What This Climate Change Advocate Did

You have to wonder about the intelligence of some people, or, at least, question whether they’ve thought through anything that they say or do. To be fair, this isn’t unique to political liberals, but, sometimes… Sometimes liberals just make you want to laugh. Take this situation: Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a huge climate change alarmist, decided that he… Read More »

If Environmentalists Really Wanted To Help The Earth, They Would Do This

Environmentalists say that they want to help protect the earth, that they want an ecosystem that can survive to provide a place to live for our children and grandchildren. And that is an understandable and commendable goal. But they just don’t get it. What do I mean? I mean that the ways that environmentalists insist is the way to… Read More »