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The IRS Targeted 426 Companies – 60 of Them Had This One Word in Their Name

The IRS audit scandal, much to the irritation of liberals, just won’t go away. And there’s good reason why it won’t go away. It was absolute political bias and harassment at its worst. Why do I say that? Well, think about it. When one out of every seven groups that were targeted contained the word “tea,” (no, I’m not kidding)… Read More »

If This IRS Tax Agent Got an “Icky Feeling” about a Tea Party Group, She Targeted It

News flash to any liberals reading this: Yes, the IRS actually did target Tea-Party-affiliated groups in an effort to restrict their tax exempt status. Now, this isn’t just a random situation, and this isn’t speculation. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report proves that the IRS was intentionally seeking to block groups that one tax advisor called… Read More »

IRS Targeting Scandal Is Even More Sinister than You Could Have Imagined – New Information Revealed

The IRS is in deep trouble (or they should be) for their ruthless targeting of Tea Party non-profits. But what’s far more concerning is that the IRS actually targeted groups whose main goal was to educate people about the Constitution. You read that correctly, the IRS was looking to penalize and intimidate groups whose main focus was to… Read More »