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Former Speaker of the House Goes On Ludicrous Witch Hunt

Well, this is something that you don’t hear everyday: a former Speaker of the House of Representatives uses language from the Spanish Inquisition or from the Salem witch trials to describe someone that he simply doesn’t like. Don’t they teach basic diplomacy in Congress anymore? John Boehner, talking about Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, called Cruz “Lucifer in… Read More »

He’s Not Even a Member of Congress – Yet They Want Him to Be Speaker of the House

Now that John Boehner has put in his resignation from Congress, the House of Representatives will need to get down to the dirty work of selecting a new Speaker of the House. What many people don’t know is the specific rules around what qualifies a person to be Speaker of the House. Essentially, the qualifications are the same… Read More »

If Boehner Caves on Either of These 2 Issues, Guess What House Republicans Are Going to Do?

John Boehner drives me up the wall. To be fair, I don’t know the man on a personal level, but his policies and his politicking make me want to throw up. So, it’s nice to hear when he may get his comeuppance. It seems that many Republicans in Congress have had it with centrist Boehner’s ways, too, and… Read More »

Happy 4th of July, Sucker!

The Obama administration likes to prattle on and on about how they’ve improved the economy and life is so much better for everyone now that they’ve forced their policies upon the U.S. populace. Unfortunately, however, it’s just not true. The economy sucks. Obama (with the help of centrist Republicans like John Boehner) passed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade… Read More »

4 Facts that Prove John Boehner is Wrong on This Sensitive Issue

John Boehner isn’t exactly our favorite Congressman, and comments like this don’t change our feelings. Because when he agrees with the liberal media, you know that he is on the wrong track. What did Boehner say? He essentially said that the police are the problem with the rising tensions between police and African-Americans nationwide. The problem with that… Read More »

Boehner Learns from McCain, Makes a “Mafia Move” of His Own

John Boehner received the most votes against an incumbent Speaker of the House in any election of the Speaker since 1923, and, now, he’s pulling a John McCain Mafia move and seeking to punish those who voted against him. Way to go, John. That’s the way to instill security and confidence in your party base by punishing those… Read More »

Obama Drinks Most Expensive Beer in History – Sends the Bill to U.S. Taxpayers

Taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch reported that President Obama spent $1,159,823 of taxpayer money this past July to raise even more money to keep Democrats in office. This exorbitant expense only includes how much the Air Force paid, including the use of Air Force One, for two fundraising trips that Obama took, one to Denver and one to… Read More »