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Rand Paul Calls Out Congress For Cowardice On This Issue

Rand Paul may have suspended his 2016 Presidential campaign, but he hasn’t stopped getting into the thick of things and stirring things up. Yesterday, he published an article on breitbart.com calling out Congress on their lack of oversight of the Executive Brand and their willingness to give their power to the President. (hat tip to here for the… Read More »

These 200 Hundred New Pieces of Legislation Might Restore Your Faith In, At Least, Our State Governments

As Tea Partiers, we know that smaller government is better for our freedom, better for our nation, better for our children and grandchildren. Any remotely objective study of history supports this conclusion. So, it’s scary when you hear about 200 new pieces of legislation. Unless… … these 200 pieces of legislation are designed to limit the overreach of Federal… Read More »