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You’ll Laugh Out Loud When You Read This Latest “Accomplishment” By California Liberals

Liberals have a continuous, disconcerting habit of proposing policies with very short-term thinking behind them. In other words, liberals rarely, if ever, think beyond the immediate effect to the long-term results of their policies. Some would say that if liberals did think ahead, then they wouldn’t be liberals. To drive home this point, here is a recent story… Read More »

Have Your Seen This Infuriating Way Democrats Are Twisting Pro-Life Thinking To Push Their Agenda?

I know many, many people who are pro-life in their views on abortion. These people care deeply about an issue that they view as a argument about murder before it even becomes a discussion about privacy rights. These same people (contrary to a common liberal accusation) also care greatly about the life situations in which disadvantaged children grow up.… Read More »

Watch Hilarious Video That Will Make Bernie Furious

Progress. “Progressives” like to imagine that they are about human progress, thus the name, but the fact of the matter is that progress in society happens because technology gives new options (see Paul Zane Pilzer’s insightful book “Unlimited Wealth.”). Which is why people who want a free market historically improve the lives of people more than people who… Read More »

Capitalism is Solving This Major Issue – And Big Government Liberals Just Can’t Stand It

Liberals have this bizarre way of looking at any situation, seeing a problem (whether there is one there or not), and then somehow believing that a bigger government is the solution. So, of course, when Al Gore, Barack Obama, and, yes, Bill Gates advocate controlling carbon emissions because they believe it will help the environment (we won’t get… Read More »

Liberals Don’t Want to hear the Ugly Truth About What is Really Causing This National Crisis

Violence is a blight on our society, and, if you listen to liberal anti-gun nuts, you’ll hear that the problem is that we don’t have enough gun control. But USA Today is reporting something completely different, and liberals won’t want to hear the truth of this one. The cost of entitlement programs in liberal strongholds like Chicago and… Read More »