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Rand Paul Calls Out Congress For Cowardice On This Issue

Rand Paul may have suspended his 2016 Presidential campaign, but he hasn’t stopped getting into the thick of things and stirring things up. Yesterday, he published an article on breitbart.com calling out Congress on their lack of oversight of the Executive Brand and their willingness to give their power to the President. (hat tip to here for the… Read More »

Obama’s Scary New Move – and a Former Congressman’s Simple Solution that Just Might Work

For someone who used to teach Constitutional law, you would think Obama would know what the Constitution says. But apparently not. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. But there are people who do, and they have “solutions” that Obama won’t like. Take Obama’s gun grab that he has threatened by executive order. (Does anyone else remember Obama criticizing… Read More »

Marco Rubio Described the Democratic Presidential Debate Perfectly When He Said This

Liberals are so predictable. This doesn’t make them any less frustrating, but they are, if nothing else, predictable, and the recent Democratic Presidential debate showed the unsurprising character and focus of the Democrats as a party. As Republican candidate Marco Rubio said, “It was basically a liberal vs. liberal debate about who was going to give away the most… Read More »

You Won’t Believe Who the Obama Administration Just Lectured about The Constitution

I’ll give the Obama administration this: they have cajones. How else would you describe it when an administration that routinely ignores the Constitution on such basic and fundamental issues as separation of powers actually dares to lecture Rand Paul about the Constitution? This administration has made it clear that, despite Obama’s claims to have taught Constitutional law (though… Read More »