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What This Key Player Means By “Conservative” Should Really Concern You

This election season seems to be more about keeping the wrong people out of the Oval Office than about putting the right person into the office. Certainly, for many Republicans, this seems to be the case, and they are voting more to keep Hillary out than to put Trump in. Regardless of whether you are voting Republican because you like Trump… Read More »

RNC is Panicked with Trump and Carson in the Lead – Guess Which “Has Been” They Want to Run Now?

Sometimes desperation stinks. Literally. And, believe me, the smell from this one is reaching me clear across the country from it’s source. What’s the deal? Well, the establishment in the Republican National Committee (RNC), who are centrists, in case you didn’t know, are running scared because outsiders like Trump and Carson are leading the polls over other Republican… Read More »

You Won’t Believe What the RNC is Doing to Stop Tea Party Influence in 2016

The 2012 Republican Convention made it clear to real conservatives (i.e. Tea Partiers) that the Republican National Committee doesn’t want our influence, they just want our votes. The way that they shut out Ron Paul and grassroots campaign efforts left a bad taste in our mouth then, and still does. You won’t believe the lengths they are going… Read More »