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The IRS Targeted 426 Companies – 60 of Them Had This One Word in Their Name

The IRS audit scandal, much to the irritation of liberals, just won’t go away. And there’s good reason why it won’t go away. It was absolute political bias and harassment at its worst. Why do I say that? Well, think about it. When one out of every seven groups that were targeted contained the word “tea,” (no, I’m not kidding)… Read More »

This Newly Elected Woman Shatters All Tea Party Stereotypes

I love posting things that just destroy Al Sharpton’s race baiting narrative and liberals’ gender-bias narrative. You know, the one that says, “Tea Partiers are racists!” and “The only reason people don’t vote Democrat is because they are racist or sexist!” and “Tea Partiers hate women!” and “Tea Partiers are white southern male bigots!” Well, here is a… Read More »

Hillary, Who Exactly Are You Trying To Disarm?

Hillary Clinton, like her husband (and like our current President), is never one to miss a press opportunity. And, like Obama, she went straight for pushing more gun control immediately following the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. But, because we don’t trust Hillary, we’d like to request that she clear up something about her comments. She called to… Read More »

An Idea Every Freedom Lover Should Start Considering

As the Federal government continues to overreach it’s Constitutional authority, specifically with Executive Orders and the complete disregard of the 10th Amendment, an idea is starting to rear its head again. What is this idea? Secession. Secession gets a bad name these days because of liberals whitewashing the whole concept as synonymous with racism and slavery around the… Read More »

These 200 Hundred New Pieces of Legislation Might Restore Your Faith In, At Least, Our State Governments

As Tea Partiers, we know that smaller government is better for our freedom, better for our nation, better for our children and grandchildren. Any remotely objective study of history supports this conclusion. So, it’s scary when you hear about 200 new pieces of legislation. Unless… … these 200 pieces of legislation are designed to limit the overreach of Federal… Read More »