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GOP Leadership Didn’t Expect This Response

Party leaders in both major parties seem to assume that voters will just fall into line to support their party’s Presidential nominee in November, but an interesting rebellion seems to be brewing. In the Democratic party are Bernie Sanders supporters who aren’t afraid to call Hillary our for her dishonesty, and rumors are flying that Sanders supporters may actually… Read More »

Former Speaker of the House Goes On Ludicrous Witch Hunt

Well, this is something that you don’t hear everyday: a former Speaker of the House of Representatives uses language from the Spanish Inquisition or from the Salem witch trials to describe someone that he simply doesn’t like. Don’t they teach basic diplomacy in Congress anymore? John Boehner, talking about Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, called Cruz “Lucifer in… Read More »

Election Fraud? Trump Was Just Robbed of 13 Delegates in This State

Well, here’s some disturbing news: In case you thought it was only Hillary who was getting, shall we say, “inappropriate” (Biased.  Illegal?) support from her party, here is something that will surprise you: Trump was cheated out of legitimate delegates in Colorado, and a resolution submitted to Republican convention in Colorado actually attempted to ban delegates from voting for Trump.… Read More »

Largest Tea Party Group In America Bucks Trend When Announcing Who They Are Endorsing

Trends sometimes seem impossible to oppose. They can grow and become seemingly overwhelming, and people sometimes simply sigh and give in to what they consider the inevitable. Other times, though, something will surprise you. Take this, for example, the largest Tea Party group in America is the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. No doubt many people assumed that… Read More »

Ted Cruz and This Crontroversial World Leader Agree About This One Sickening Move By Obama

Ted Cruz has had some pretty blunt things to say about our current President and how he has handled certain things. What might surprise you, though, is how close his thinking is to a controversial world leader about one of Obama’s recent decisions. Read on. That world leader is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a polarizing figure in world… Read More »

MSNBC Says Ted Cruz Wants To Kill Who And Why? [Video]

Every time that I think that I’ve heard the most nutcase thing ever from the mouth of a liberal, I’m amazed to hear another crazy, crazy example of ludicrous liberal logic. Take this example: MSNBC panelist Jamilah Lemieux started her comments by talking about Ted Cruz’s love of country music by saying: “Nothing says, ‘Let’s go kill some Muslims,’… Read More »