This Is The Village Hillary Wants You To Pay For

| October 14, 2016

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote a famous (infamous?) book called “It Takes A Village.” One of the points of the book is that “it takes a village to raise a child.”

I might be inclined to agree if I thought that this meant helping kids to learn from a variety of people so they could learn a broader variety of skills and get a broader viewpoint on the world from the many different viewpoints that they are exposed to by the village of people that they meet.

But that doesn’t appear to be what Hillary and other political liberals mean. These political liberals are the people who have shaped and who now control, to a large extent, the education of our children. They are the village that is raising our children. And, if the types of “adults” that this education system is producing is any indication, the village that Hillary advocates is a closed-minded, anal-retentive, pathetic village. notes,

“Left-wing extremist fanatics have long since taken over the nation’s institutes of ‘higher’ education and are using them not to advance learning but to impose a new social order and to churn out sheep who are incapable of critical thought.

“That’s the only way to explain the lunacy that keeps emanating from our nation’s colleges and universities. Worse, these kids are next generation of voters and policymakers – never forget that.

“The College Fix is reporting that essentially, the ‘progressive’ social change artists running colleges and universities are creating mindless cowards who are incapable of dealing with anything controversial or confrontational.

“‘In the age of safe spaces and trigger warnings comes another new trend to the college repertoire: coloring books,’ the site notes, adding that this fall campuses around the country are offering them to students so they can ‘de-stress’ (rather than teaching them ways to better handle and manage stress, which is simply a fact of life).

“For instance, at American University, the school’s counseling center made coloring sheets available in recognition of ‘Healthy Campus Week.’ The school noted on its Facebook page that coloring books for adults ‘can help with a number of emotional and mental health issues’ (or cause them, perhaps?).”

Now, I’m all for artistic expression. It can be incredibly enjoyable and, yes, therapeutic. But, instead of teaching college students how to withdraw from reality using coloring books and safe spaces, why aren’t we teaching them to do some physical exercise? Why aren’t we teaching them practical skills such as real-world conflict management? Why aren’t we teaching them how to deal with real life instead of coddling them so that they grow up as emotional infants.

Thanks to leftists, what we are starting to see is a village that can’t handle disagreement or criticism. Yes, the village that Hillary wants is, apparently, a village of people that have never grown up.

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