Trump calls for ‘major investigation’ into election

| January 26, 2017

President Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote in resounding fashion and is, as of today, the duly elected president of the United States. Most other politicians would be content with this result in a presidential election, but Trump is not most politicians. It clearly sticks in his craw that he lost the popular vote by about 2 percent to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and so he called for a “major investigation” on Wednesday morning into voter fraud that he claims cost him the popular vote.

Since the election, Trump has repeated the claim a number of times that more than 3 million people voted illegally, thus costing him the popular vote. Trump groused about voter fraud almost immediately following his election victory, but he seems to have settled on the number “3-5 million” in mid-December during a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill with Congressional Republicans. Since then, Trump and his surrogates have repeated the claim often, which has repeatedly riled the media, who claim that there is no evidence of voter fraud on such a massive scale.

Trump repeated the claim on Monday during a meeting with lawmakers, and White House Press Secretary was grilled by reporters about the assertion during his press briefing. Spicer did not back off of the claims, but also did not state that he personally believed them, choosing instead to defend the comments by saying, “the president does believe that.”


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  • The Redman

    trump-ah-hump is an old whining baby boy in pink skin. hahahahhahahhahahha

  • nococidences

    If he appoints a special prosecutor, he will be the one leaving. His new name. Commander-in-Thief.

  • 7711lh

    Voter Fraud the greatest threat to America and our free elections. California this last election stack of ballots found sitting on the porch of 80 living alone with a different name on each ballot with same address. Postman should have turned over to Postal Inspector knowing a single person lived there. The neighbors grab the ballots before the people who were going to pick them up could get there. No voter ID allows these ballots to be passed out and people go and vote again and again as other people. This happened and was reported in the last Obama election so it goes on repeatedly. Why do you think the left was so stunned. They know how much Voter Fraud they are doing. Obama even did a speech in the last week of Clinton election telling the illegals to vote, nothing would be done to them. Another election is in just 2 years. Fix the problem Now Vet Voter rolls, get the dead people off that they are pulling names from and ask for ID. This does not hurt the poor as everyone on Welfare and Food stamps, WICK, medicare has to show ID to get into these programs. Use that ID you had no problem showing it then.